20/20 in 20 Challenge

Get 20 friends to give in 20 days!

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There’s still time to participate in our “20/20 in 20” campaign! We are asking each of you to ask 20 friends to donate $20 (or more). Make sure your name is included among those making history by raising $1 Million to support student scholarships, leadership development and social justice initiatives at New York Theological Seminary!

We are committed to preparing the next generation of faith and thought leaders to engage relevant, restorative and revolutionary ministry.
Whether you create your own fundraiser or support one with a gift of $2000, $200 or $20, your contribution today will help us reach our goal. Thank you in advance for your generosity and your continued support, for… it does not yet appear what we shall be.

1 John 3:2


 A special thank you to all those who hosted fundraisers on behalf of NYTS!

Ayanna Njeri Adams
Efrain Agosto
Moses Biney
Amy Bost Henegar
Lucy Cano
Erin Cherry
Anika Davis
L. Joel Dautruche
Nancy Fields
Cynthia Gardner-Brim
Gina Green
Lawrence Hammond
Roger L.  Harris
Peter Heltzel
Valerie Holly
Detrell Howell
Alfred Johnson
Wanda Lang
Jade Lee
Tony Tian-Ren Lin
Wanda Lundy
C. Vernon Mason
Eleanor Moody-Shepherd
Sandra Robinson
Lisa Skinner
Christine Valentine
LaKeesha Walrond
Nedenia West

Thank you to all those who supported these fundraisers and

New York Theological Seminary


If you would like to receive an acknowledgement letter from us for your gift to NYTS, please send an email to NYTSAdvancement@nyts.edu with your name and email or mailing address.


Learn more about fundraising for NYTS:

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