Morningside Heights, New York – May 12, 2011– New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) and the Eugene A. Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship of the American Bible Society (ABS) announce the formation of a Doctor of Ministry in Bible Engagement cohort group for academic year 2011-2012.  The cohort will be one of several groups working under the Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Studies program.  Biblical Engagement refers to the effort to bring the Bible into the homes, churches, and cities of the nation in more effective ways, increasing its exposure and understanding while deepening the Bible’s impact upon the life of the culture.  The collaboration with the Nida Institute reflects the Seminary’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of academic excellence that is at the same time relevant to the contemporary world, to offering affordable quality training for church leaders in multicultural and globalized contexts, and to equipping leadership for ministries that transforms lives based on the power of the Word.

Instruction in the Biblical Engagement cohort group will be provided by the faculty of NYTS and the Nida Institute. President Dale T. Irvin has appointed Drs. Colin Greene and Phil H. Towner of American Bible Society to serve as Research Professors in the Department of Biblical Studies at NYTS.  Drs. Towner and Greene will join Dr. Jin H. Han of NYTS in providing oversight for the Doctor of Ministry cohort group in Biblical Engagement.  ABS and NYTS are delighted to be partners in ministry for the furtherance of reading and hearing of the Bible and look forward to a blossoming relationship for future studies.

About New York Theological Seminary

NYTS is a non-denominational center for theological education with more than 600 students, offering certificates, graduate and post-graduate degrees. The Seminary works in close partnership with churches throughout the metropolitan area and around the world. Its student body is one of the most diverse in the nation today, and its programs are offered at a variety of academic levels in order to provide rich resources for ministry. NYTS prepares men and women for effective service in church and society in parish ministry and other vital ministries such as chaplaincy, social policy advocacy, community organizing and leadership in the corporate sector. NYTS offers programs in several languages and as multiple locations throughout the New York area as well as online. For more information about NYTS, visit the Seminary’s website at www.nyts.edu/.

About the Nida Institute at the American Bible Society

The Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship is part of a global Bible Society fellowship in service to the American Bible Society and its constituents in the areas of academic research, educational programs and resources, and Bible translation. The Institutes serves as a repository for Bible and Bible-related resources, promoting and supporting engagement with Scripture, the Nida Institute partners with the Church, the Academy, and the Bible Society fellowship. The Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship works to support the American Bible Society and the global Bible fellowship, particularly as this work brings the Word of God to marginalized people. This work is carried out in the areas of scholarly research, educational programs and resources, Bible translation, and library and archive services. The Institute and its partners uphold the highest academic and professional standards. For more information about the Nida Institute at the American Bible Society, visit the website at www.nidainstitute.org/.



Contact person: Dr. Jin Hee Han

Professor of Biblical Studies

New York Theological Seminary

475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500

New York, New York 10115

(212) 870-1211



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