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May 26, 2014

New York Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the launch of its fifth master’s program in the fall of 2014. The Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (MAYM), is a 48-credit graduate degree designed to prepare individuals to serve in the area of youth ministry within urban congregations and other faith-based organizations.  The program explores adolescent and young adult development, socialization, discipleship and spiritual formation.

Drawing from a wide range of interdisciplinary research within the field of religious education, leadership studies, youth development and socialization, courses attend to the theological, educational, psychological and socio-cultural foundations of youth and young adult ministry. Graduates of this program will be prepared to serve as practitioners of youth ministry within varied institutional settings and are equipped to design and administer programs that foster the holistic transformation of youth and young adult faith development.

Dean Cohall “ I am excited about this program as it will equip congregations in a meaningful way, empowering them with tools to address many of the social and religious concerns facing youth particularly in an urban context”

The MAYM seeks to prepare youth leaders by giving them the tools needed to articulate a practical theology of youth ministry that is biblically informed and grounded in the historical development of Christian thought and tradition. This program hopes to produce graduates who will demonstrate competencies in designing educative programs and leadership strategies that are germane to youth ministry in an urban context.  Most of all, the NYTS MAYM degree, seeks to teach individuals how to master the communication and ministry skills needed for creating effective models for urban youth ministry particularly as they explore and analyze multiculturalism in youth ministry and its impact on discipleship

New York Theological Seminary is a diverse and inclusive community of learning with a historic urban focus. With Christ at its center, and with a curriculum informed by Biblical witness and Christian thought and tradition, the Seminary prepares women and men for the practice of ministry in congregations, the city, and the world. Led by the Spirit, and in active partnership with churches, we seek to heed God’s call for reconciliation, justice, evangelism, and transformation.

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