Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

New York Theological Seminary is a diverse and inclusive community of learning with a historic urban focus. With Christ at its center, and with a curriculum informed by Biblical witness and Christian thought and tradition, the Seminary prepares women and men for the practice of ministry in congregations, the city, and the world. Led by the Spirit, and in active partnership with churches, we seek to heed God’s call for reconciliation, justice, evangelism, and transformation.

In line with this mission, the Seminary seeks to prepare men and women for ministry who are:

  • informed biblically
  • steeped in Christian thought and tradition
  • skilled in the practice of ministry for personal, ecclesial and social transformation
  • committed to the call of the Gospel for reconciliation, justice, evangelism and transformation
  • equipped for diverse and inclusive partnerships in congregations, the city, and the world
  • centered in a spiritual tradition which is dynamic in its formation and open to God’s continuing revelation

“Re-envisioning theological education in the 21st Century”


Vision Statement

New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) will remain true to its historic commitment to providing theological education that is both relevant to the needs of practical ministry and accessible to women and men called by God.   Continuing the tradition of Biblical Seminary in New York, NYTS will ground its curriculum and life in the Bible.   It will continue to engage the city as its primary campus, taking theological education in new directions for urban ministry.  At the same time, the Seminary will expand its horizons globally to meet the needs of an increasingly global church.

The vision of NYTS will continue a commitment to radical inclusion and passionate transformation.   The Seminary will embrace increasingly diverse constituencies and communities, while challenging them to achieve a greater degree of love and justice in the world.  It will foster among students, faculty, alumni/ae, and the wider religious community a greater degree of personal, professional and academic excellence.  To accomplish these tasks over the next five years, NYTS will increase current enrollment; add innovative and responsive new programs; and continue to develop strategic relationships with other institutions, churches and individual partners.  It will achieve a new level of institutional development that will assure long-term financial sustainability.

The Seminary is guided in these efforts by the Christian vision of a city that is to come, in which the glory of God is made manifest to all and through all.


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