President’s Welcome

Welcome to one of the most exciting centers of theological education in the world!  New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) has long been recognized for its innovative programs, its pioneering spirit, and its commitment to training women and men for ministry in the real world.  For 117 years we have been offering theological education that is accessible, inclusive and transformative.  We believe that God calls people from all walks of life and that each person has a unique ministry to fulfill.  Our task is to help each one discover what that means for you as you prepare for the next stage of your exciting journey of faith.

At NYTS you will find considerable attention being paid to the life and work of churches and other faith-based communities in the greater New York metropolitan region and throughout the world.  We are mindful that ministry does not happen in a vacuum.  Our students are involved not just in leadership in their various religious communities but in the business world, public service, education, the legal field, the non-profit sector, and the arts as well.  They come from a range of cultures and traditions from around the globe.  Some are already retired, while others have only recently graduated from college.  Many who are enrolled in our certificate and master’s degree programs are pursuing ministry as a second career, or are already fully bi-vocational.  Others in our Doctor of Ministry program are already serving full-time in some ministerial capacity and are seeking to further their professional development in a particular field.  In all of our programs we seek to accommodate the busy schedules of working men and women without compromising the intellectual demands of academic excellence.

NYTS offers a variety of degree programs and certificates, with opportunities for specialization in a number of areas of interest.  We can assist churches and other faith-based communities in stewardship, spiritual formation, capacity building, religious education, and leadership training.  The Seminary collaborates with city agencies, neighborhood groups, and other organization to offer resources for churches, other religious communities, and faith-based non-profit corporations in areas such as affordable housing, community organization, prison re-entry, or economic development.  Through partnerships with other leadership training organizations we seek to bring theological education into a more dynamic interaction with the life of the world.

Finally, a word is in order about our commitment to multifaith learning.  NYTS continues the The Biblical Seminary in New York.  We are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition with twin commitments to the Bible and ministry in the urban context.  At the same time we recognize that we are educating leaders for an increasingly multifaith world.  We believe that Christians must learn to open their doors and hearts to make room for people of other faiths without compromising their own deeply held convictions.  As a seminary, we welcome people of other faith traditions to study in our programs.  We do not ask anyone of compromise their religious beliefs, but we find that by going deeper into our own various faith commitments and identities, we find the imperative of creating space for others for learning together.  Following Christ means working together in the world to transform lives and help usher in God’s new creation.   We invite you to join us in this exciting community of teachers and learners as together we are led by the Spirit!

Dale T. Irvin
President and Professor of World Christianity


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