Dr. Elaine Padilla

– Research Professor of Women and Gender Studies in the Eleanor Moody-Shepherd Resource Center for Women in Ministry

E-Mail: epadilla@nyts.edu

Educational Background

  • PhD, Theological and Philosophical Studies,  Drew University

Religious Affiliation

  • Interdenominational


Elaine Padilla is Assistant Professor of Constructive Theology at New York Theological Seminary. Her theological analysis constructively interweaves current philosophical discourse with Christianity, Latin American and Latino/a religious thought, mysticism, ecology, and gender.

She is the author of Divine Enjoyment: A Theology of Passion and Exuberance published by Fordham University Press (2015), and co-editor of a three-volume project with Peter C. Phan, Theology and Migration in World Christianity being published by Palgrave MacMillan. The first two volumes entitled Contemporary Issues of Migration and Theology (2013) and Theology of Migration in the Abrahamic Religions (2014) are already in print. Christianities in Migration: The Global Perspective is forthcoming in 2015.

Among her other recent publications are the essays “The Eros of Intersubjective Becomings,” in Seeking Common Ground (A festschrift for Joseph Bracken), and “Border-Crossing and Exile,” in Cross Currents. She has also co-authored “A Proximity of Love” with Stephanie M. Crumpton, published in Perspectivas; and “Where Are the Pentecostals in an Age of Empire?” with Dale T. Irvin, published in Evangelicals and Empire.

She is a member of the American Academy of Religion where she is on the Committee on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities, and a member of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

For further information about Divine Enjoyment: A Theology of Passion and Exuberance, please click HERE.


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