Dr. Hwain Chang Lee

Dr. Lee is research Professor of Global leadership and Spirituality at New York Theological Seminary in New York City.  She has given exemplary service to church and society in her long and distinguished career as a scholar, theologian, and community leader.  She is an ordained Elder at the Bedford Park Presbyterian Church of the Bronx, New York City. And she is President of Board of Trustees of the Asian Women’s Christian Association (AWCA) in USA.  She has also headed the Korean Alumni/ae Association of Princeton Theological Seminary, and continues to serve as a Vice President of the International Foundation for Ewha Woman’s University. Now she is a Board of Trustees of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Dr. Lee is a trustee of the Helping Hands Foundation, and served as President of the New Americans Program, Bergen County YWCA of New Jersey.

Beyond the New York/New Jersey area, Dr. Lee has been a delegate to the World Alliance of the YMCA, and President of the Northeast section of Presbyterian Women, USA.

Dr. Lee was a Ph.D. Candidate at Drew University Theological School and she earned a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Drew University, a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, a Master of Sacred Theology degree from Yale University, and both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea.

Her publications include Confucius, Christ, and Co-Partnership:  Competing Liturgies for the Souls of Korean-American Women (University Press of America, 1994), and The Blossom of the Golden Bell (Hyun Jon Press, Seoul, Korea,1995), The Korean American YWCA and the Church, “Why YWCA?” (University Press of America, 2000) and “A Life Lead by God”, “Searching for the True Love” (Women’s News Press, Seoul, Korea, 2004).  And she published Building Capacity for Ministry for class of D. Min. at NYTS (Dong Bang Press, 2009).  She also edited “The Women of YWCA throughout the World.” in Asian Women’s Christian Association, 2000.

She was an “EMA AWARD” recipient at Ewha Women’s University in 1969, “Urban Angel” at NYTS year 2004 and “Leadership Award” at Asian Women’s Christian Association in 2005.

Areas of academic interest and research include: Christianity in Confucius Society, and Global leadership and spirituality in different culture especially Korean-American Church and its leadership.


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