Rev. Dr. Dale T. Irvin

Professor of World Christianity

Office phone: 212-870-1223

Educational Background

  • BA Thomas Edison State College
  • MDiv Princeton Theological Seminary
  • PhD Union Theological Seminary

Religious Affiliation

  • American Baptist Churches, USA/United Church of Christ


Dale T. Irvin is Professor of World Christianity at New York Theological Seminary, in New York City.  He previously served the school as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean.  A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv, 1981) and Union Theological Seminary in New York (PhD, 1989), he has been a member of the Seminary’s faculty since 1989.  He is the author of several books, including History of the World Christian Movement, a three-volume project he has written with Scott W. Sunquist.  Over the past several decades his articles have appeared in a number of journals such as Christianity Today, Christian Century, The Ecumenical Review and The Journal of Pentecostal Studies.  He is a founding editor of The Journal of World Christianity and serves on the editorial board of The Living Pulpit.  Dr. Irvin has held visiting or adjunct appointments at a number of theological schools and universities, including the University of Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden, and has lectured and preached throughout the world.  An ordained minister in the American Baptist Churches USA, he is a member of The Riverside Church in New York City.


A History of the World Christian Movement:  Volume I, Earliest Christianity to 1453, co-written with Scott W. Sunquist, Maryknoll, NY:  Orbis Books / Edinburgh:  T. & T.  Clark, 2001; Bangalore, India:  Theological Publications India, 2004.  Translated into Portuguese (2004) and Indonesian (2005).  Volume was named to the “Outstanding Academic Title” list of Choice magazine in 2002; selected by the Catholic Book Association as the outstanding book in theology and history for 2001; and listed by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research as one of the fifteen outstanding books in mission studies for 2001.

A History of the World Christian Movement:  Volume II, 1453 to 2000, co-written with Scott W. Sunquist, Maryknoll, NY:  Orbis Books, forthcoming 2012.

Christian Histories, Christian Traditioning:  Rendering Accounts, Maryknoll, NY:  Orbis Books, 1998.

The Agitated Mind of God:  The Theology of Kosuke Koyama, co-edited with Akintunde E. Akinade, Maryknoll, NY:  Orbis Books, 1996.  Book was named by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research as one of the fifteen outstanding books in mission studies for 1996.

Hearing Many Voices:  Dialogue and Diversity in the Ecumenical Movement, Lanham, MD:  University Press of America, 1994.


Chapters in books

“Mission and Evangelism,” in The Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies, Geoffrey Wainwright and Paul McPartlan, eds., New York:  Oxford Press, forthcoming.

“The Church Bound and Free:  Bartholomew and the Constantinian Heritage of Christendom,” in The Patriarchate of Bartholomew I: Its Premises and Promises, William G. Rusch, ed., Grand Rapids:  Eerdmans, forthcoming.

“Migration and the City,” in Theology of Migration in World Christianity, Peter Phan and Elaine Padilla, eds., New York:  Palgrave, forthcoming.

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“Charles Price Jones and the Sufficiency of Jesus,” Portraits of the First Generation:  Essays on the Centennial Celebration of the Pentecostal Movement, edited by James R. Goff., Jr.and Grant Wacker, Little Rock:  University of Arkansas Press, 2002.

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“A New Understanding of World Christianity for the 21st Century” and “Christianity in the Modern World:  Facing Postmodern Culture and Religious Pluralism,” The Future of Religions in the 21st Century, Peter T.  M.  Ng, ed., Hong Kong:  Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2001.

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Articles in journals

“The Church, the Urban, and the Global: Mission in an Age of Global Cities,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 33:4 (October 2009).

“Rejoicing in Hope:  A Tribute to Kosuke Koyama,” with Akintunde E. Akinade, International Bulletin of Missionary Research 33:3 (July 2009).

“World Christianity: An Introduction,” Journal of World Christianity 1:1 (2008).

“Pentecostal Perspectives on ‘The Nature and Mission of the Church’:  A Response,” in Ecumenical Trends 35:8 (2006).

“Ecumenical Dislodgings,” Mission Studies 22:2 (2005).

“Pentecostal Historiography,” Pneuma:  Journal of the Society for Pentecostal 27:1 (2005).

“Christ and Spirit: Dogma, Discernment, and Dialogical Theology in a Religiously Plural World,” Amos Yong, Dale T. Irvin, Frank D. Macchia and Ralph Del Colle, Journal of Pentecostal Theology 12:1 (2003).

“The Gift of Mission,” Christianity Today 43:14 (Dec. 6, 1999).  One of five scholars invited to  write on the question, “Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity?”  Article republished in The British Columbian Catholic 70:47 (Dec. 2000).

Guest Contributing Editor’s “Introduction,” Union Seminary Quarterly Review 52:1-2 (1998), James Melvin Washington memorial volume.

“‘Holiness unto the Lord’:  Toward a Holiness Christian Dialogue with Judaism,” Journal of Ecumenical Studies 34:1 (1997):  13-38.

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“Contextualization and Catholicity:  Looking Anew for the Unity of the Faith,” Studia Theologica 48:2 (1995).

“‘Drawing All Together in One Bond of Love’:  The Ecumenical Vision of William J. Seymour and Azusa St.,” Journal of Pentecostal Theology 6:1 (1995).

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“John R. Mott and World-Centered Theology,” Missiology 12:2 (1984).

“Social Witness Policies:  An Historical Overview,” Journal of Presbyterian History 57:4 (1979).

Founding co-editor of Journal of World Christianity

Member of the Editorial Board and regular contributor to The Living Pulpit


Encyclopedia entries

“History of World Christianity” in Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity, Daniel Patte, ed., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

“Global Christianity,” in Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, George Kurian, ed., New York:  Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2009.

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Book reviews

Review of Dana L. Robert, Christian Mission:  How Christianity Became a World Religion in Christian Century, March 8, 2011.

Review of Michael Bergunder, The South Indian Pentecostal Movement in the Twentieth Century in Church History:  Studies in Christianity and Culture 78:2 (2009).

Review of Daniel O. Aleshire, Earthen Vessels:  Hopeful Reflections on the Work and Future of Theological Schools, in Christian Century, February 24, 2009.

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Review of M. Richard Shaull, The Reformation and Liberation Theology, and Walter Altmann, Luther and Liberation: A Latin American Perspective in Lutheran Partners, Nov. 1992.


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