Housing for Intensives

Instructions for Housing, Transportation and Food for Doctor of Ministry Intensives

At NYTS the City is our campus.  In all of its programs, the Seminary seeks to utilize the City as both classroom and context for learning.  For each Doctor of Ministry intensive session, the Seminary will arrange suitable housing and accommodation for the doctoral students in the form of a hotel, guest house, college dormitory, or other such venue in or nearby New York City for the weeks during which each session meets.  The Seminary seeks as much as possible to keep the cost of housing reasonable, which may entail candidates of the same gender sharing rooms.  The Seminary also will make suitable arrangements for transportation (which may include use of New York City public transportation) between the site of its arranged housing and the classroom space being utilized for each program session.

In addition to the cost for tuition and fees, each doctoral student will be responsible for covering all the costs for housing, transportation and food during each intensive session.  Students in the program can expect to receive information concerning the accommodations that are being arranged for each intensive session, including cost and exact location, approximately one month prior to the actual gathering in New York City.  Payment for housing and any transportation arranged by the Seminary will be due a month in advance.  Without this payment, the doctoral student will not be able to attend the intensive unit.

Doctoral students are not required to make use of the Seminary’s housing and/or transportation arrangements, but are free to arrange housing in or nearby New York City on their own.   If independent arrangements are made, the student must notify the Seminary at least a month in advance.  Otherwise he or she will be charged for the arrangements made by the Seminary.  Students who make other housing arrangements are responsible to make arrangements for transportation on their own.  Arrangements for payment in such cases must be made directly to the provider.

The Seminary will make accommodations for one community meal each time an intensive session is gathered.  For all other meals, the Seminary will make suitable recommendations, but students are free to select their own places for eating.  The cost of meals will be the responsibility of each individual candidate during the week.  Generally doctoral students should be prepared to spend $50 per day on meals in New York City.

Housing and classroom locations for the Doctor of Ministry intensives are selected with pedagogical purposes in mind.  In some cases, arrangements will be made with churches or other community programs in the City to provide transportation, meals, or classroom learning space.  Reasonable precautions are taken in each program to ensure the safety of candidates, to provide for emergency services, and to ensure adequate communication.  Contact information of session Coordinators, Director of the Doctor of Ministry, and other Seminary administrators will be available prior to each session as well.

The Director of the Program will provide specific information on airports nearest to where students will be housed, the location where they will be housed, the best means of transportation from the airport to the housing location, and where the intensive units will be meeting for classes approximately one month in advance of the start of each session.  Students traveling by air are responsible to provide the Director of the Program the name of the airport, airline, flight number, and expected time of arrival and departure a week prior to start of the session.

Additional information on visiting New York City is readily available on the web in a variety of languages.  A good general introduction for visitors to New York is found at http://gonyc.about.com/.  International students may wish to visit “International Student Guide to Living in New York City” at http://www.metrointl.org/programs/insideny/.  Further questions may be answered by the Director of the Doctor of Ministry by calling NYTS at (212) 870-1211.


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