NYTS Faculty

eagosto300 Dr. Efrain Agosto, BA, MDiv, PhD
– Professor of New Testament Studies

Office phone: 212-870-1234
E-mail: eagosto@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro The Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro, BA, MA, DMin, ThD (candidate)
– Professor of Ministry Studies
-Director of the Center of Pentecostal Studies

Office phone: 212-870-1216
E-Mail: halfaro@nyts.edu
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mbiney300 The Rev. Dr. Moses Biney, BA, DipEd, DipTheol, ThM, PhD
– Assistant Professor of Religion and Society
– Director of Research in the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

Office phone: 212-870-1240
E-mail: mbiney@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall The Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick G. Cohall, BS, MDiv, DMin, PhD
– Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean
– Associate Professor of Religious Education

Office phone: 212-870-1208
E-mail: kcohall@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Nancy Fields The Rev. Dr. Nancy Fields, BA, MS, MDiv, DMin
– Assistant Professor of Supervised Ministry
– Director of the Supervised Ministry Program

Office Phone: 212-870-1269
E-Mail: nfields@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Jin H. Han The Rev. Dr. Jin H. Han, BA, MDiv, PhD
– Professor of Biblical Studies
– Director of Online Learning

Office phone: 212-870-1220
E-Mail: jhan@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Peter G. Heltzel The Rev. Dr. Peter G. Heltzel, BA, MDiv, PhD
– Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Office phone: 212-870-1252
E-Mail: pheltzel@nyts.edu
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tamara henry Dr. Tamara Henry, BA, MSW, MA, PhD
-Assistant Professor of Religious Education
-Director of the Master of Arts in Religious Education and of
the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry

Office phone: 212-870-1205
E-Mail: thenry@nyts.edu
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ehunt The Rev. Dr. Edward L. Hunt, BA, MDiv, PhM, PhD
– Professor of Preaching and The Practice of Ministry

Office phone: 212-870-1227
E-Mail: ehunt@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Dale T. Irvin The Rev. Dr. Dale T. Irvin, BA, MDiv, PhD
– President
– Professor of World Christianity
– Director of Center for World Christianity

Office phone: 212-870-1223
E-Mail: dirvin@nyts.edu
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ilee300 The Rev. Dr. Insook Lee, BA, MA, MDiv, ThM, EdS, ThD
– Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
– Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling Programs

Office phone: 212-870-1230
E-mail: islee@nyts.edu
Bio: click here

Dr. Wanda Lundy The Rev. Dr. Wanda M. Lundy, BA, MDiv, DMin
– Assistant Professor of Mission Studies
– Director of the Doctor of Ministry

Office phone: 212-870-1239
E-mail: wlundy@nyts.edu
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2_9905 The Rev. Dr. C. Vernon Mason, BA, MDiv, JD, DMin
– Visiting Professor of Urban Ministry & African-American History and Religion

Office Phone: 212-870-1265
E-mail: vmason@nyts.edu
Bio: click here

jriesig Dr. Jerry Reisig, BA, MDiv, DMin
– Associate Professor of Information Literacy
– Director of Library Services

Office phone: 212-870-1213
E-Mail: jreisig@nyts.edu
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Jill Scafer 2 The Rev. Dr. Jill Schaeffer, BA, MDiv, PhD
-Visiting Associate Professor of Ethics

Office phone: 212-870-1203
E-Mail: jschaeffer@nyts.edu
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Distinguished Professors

krussell The Rev. Dr. Keith A. Russell, BA, BD, STM, DMin, DD
– Distinguished Senior Professor of Ministry Studies

E-Mail: krussell@nyts.edu
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Affiliated Faculty

The Rev. Dr. Chang K. Behk, DMin
– Korean Ministries Studies

The Rev. Dr. Koshin Paley Ellison, MFA, LMSW, ACPE, DMin
– Zen Buddhist Track, Masters of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling

The Rev. Tommie Jackson, DMin
– Preaching

Dr. Esther Owens, PhD
– Research and Writing

Research Faculty

The Rev. Dr. David D. Bundy, DTh
-Research Professor of World Christian Studies

Dr. William R. Burrows, PhD
– Research Professor of Missiology in The Center for World Christianity

The Rev. Dr. Alfred Johnson, DMin
– Research Professor of Urban Ministry in the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

Dr. Hwain Chang Lee, DMin
– Research Professor in Global Leadership and Spirituality in the Center for World Christianity
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Dr. Marian Ronan, PhD
-Research Professor of Roman Catholic Studies in The  Center for World Christianity
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Additional Academic Appointments

The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Hostetter
– Director of the Master of Arts in Religious Leadership and Administration

The Rev. Dr. H. Pauline Kang
– Director of Korean Ministries Studies

The Rev. Canon Petero A. N. Sabune
– Director of the Masters of Professional Studies degree at Sing Sing Correctional Facility


Rev. Dr. Wontae Cha
– Professor Emeritus of Ministry
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The Rev. Dr. Norman K. Gottwald
– Professor of Biblical Studies Emeritus

Dr. Obery Hendricks, BA, MDiv, MA, PhD
– Professor of Biblical Interpretation
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The Rev. Dr. Eleanor Moody-Shepherd, BA, MS, MDiv, EdD
– Professor of Women’s Studies
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The Rev. Dr. Rebeca Radillo
– Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
– Director of Pastoral Care and Community Ministries
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The Rev. Dr. T. Richard Snyder
– Professor of Theology and Ethics Emeritus



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