NYTS Faculty

eagosto300 Dr. Efrain Agosto, BA, MDiv, PhD
– Professor of New Testament Studies

Office phone: 212-870-1234
E-mail: eagosto@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Humberto Alfaro The Rev. Dr. Humberto E. Alfaro, BA, MA, DMin, ThD (candidate)
– Associate Professor of Ministry Studies
-Director of the Institute of Pentecostal Studies

Office phone: 212-870-1216
E-Mail: halfaro@nyts.edu
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mbiney300 The Rev. Dr. Moses Biney, BA, DipEd, DipTheol, ThM, PhD
- Assistant Professor of Religion and Society
– Director of Research in the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

Office phone: 212-870-1240
E-mail: mbiney@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall The Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick G. Cohall, BS, MDiv, DMin, PhD
- Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean
– Associate Professor of Religious Education

Office phone: 212-870-1208
E-mail: kcohall@nyts.edu

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Rev. Dr. Nancy Fields The Rev. Dr. Nancy Fields, BA, MS, MDiv, DMin
- Assistant Professor of Supervised Ministry
– Director of the Supervised Ministry Program

Office Phone: 212.870.1269
E-Mail: nfields@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Jin H. Han The Rev. Dr. Jin H. Han, BA, MDiv, PhD
– Professor of Biblical Studies
– Director of Online Learning

Office phone: 212-870-1220
E-Mail: jhan@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Peter G. Heltzel The Rev. Dr. Peter G. Heltzel, BA, MDiv, PhD.
– Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
– Director of the Micah Institute

Office phone: 212-870-1252
E-Mail: pheltzel@nyts.edu
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tamara henry Dr. Tamara Henry, BA, MSW, MA, PhD
-Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Education
-Director of the Master of Arts in Religious Education and of
the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry

Office phone: 212-870-1211
E-Mail: thenry@nyts.edu


ehunt The Rev. Dr. Edward L. Hunt, BA, MDiv, PhM, PhD
– Professor of Preaching and The Practice of Ministry
– Director of the Master of Professional Studies

Office phone: 212-870-1227
E-Mail: ehunt@nyts.edu
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Rev. Dr. Dale T. Irvin The Rev. Dr. Dale T. Irvin, BA, MDiv, PhD
– President
– Professor of World Christianity
– Director of Center for World Christianity

Office phone: 212-870-1223
E-Mail: dirvin@nyts.edu
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ilee300 The Rev. Dr. Insook Lee, B.A., M.A., M. Div., Th. M., Ed. S., Th. D.
– Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
– Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling Programs

Office phone: 212.870.1230
E-mail: islee@nyts.edu
Bio: click here

Dr. Wanda Lundy The Rev. Dr. Wanda M. Lundy, BA, MDiv, Dmin
– Assistant Professor of Mission Studies
– Director of the Doctor of Ministry

Office phone: 212-870-1239
E-mail: wlundy@nyts.edu
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emoodyshepherd The Rev. Dr. Eleanor Moody-Shepherd, BA, MS, MDiv, EdD
– Dean of Student Affairs
-Professor of Women’s Studies

Office phone: 212-870-1215
E-mail: emoody.shepherd@nyts.edu
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Dr. Elaine Padilla Dr. Elaine Padilla, BS, BA, MDiv, PhD
– Assistant Professor of Constructive Theology
– Director of Assessment

Office phone: 212-870-1202
E-mail: epadilla@nyts.edu
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jriesig Dr. Jerry Reisig, BA, MDiv, DMin
– Associate Professor of Information Literacy
– Director of Library Services

Office phone: 212-870-1213
E-Mail: jreisig@nyts.edu
Bio: click here

Jill Scafer 2 The Rev. Dr. Jill Schaeffer, BA, MDiv, PhD
-Visiting Associate Professor of Ethics

Office phone: 212-870-1203
E-Mail: jschaeffer@nyts.edu
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Distinguished Professors

krussell The Rev. Dr. Keith A. Russell, BA, BD, STM, DMin, DD
– Distinguished Senior Professor of Ministry Studies

E-Mail: krussell@nyts.edu
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Affiliated Faculty

The Rev. Dr. Chang K. Behk, D. Min.
– Korean Ministries Studies

The Rev. Dr. Koshin Paley Ellison, MFA, LMSW, ACPE, D. Min.
Zen Buddhist Track, Masters of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling

The Rev. Tommie Jackson, D. Min
– Preaching

Dr. Esther Owens, Ph. D.
– Research and Writing

Research Faculty

Dr. William R. Burrows, PhD
– Research Professor of Missiology in The Center for World Christianity

The Rev. Dr. Alfred Johnson, DMin
– Research Professor of Urban Ministry in the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

Rev. Dr. Joong Urn Kim
– Research Professor in Global Christian Leadership

Dr. Hwain Chang Lee, DMin
– Research Professor in Global Leadership and Spirituality in the Center for World Christianity
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The Rev. Dr. Jimmy Lim
– Research Professor of Urban Ministry and Practice in the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

Dr. Marian Ronan, PhD
-Research Professor of Roman Catholic Studies in The  Center for World Christianity
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Additional Academic Appointments

The Rev. Carlos Alejandro
– Acting Director of the Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Mr. John Ducksworth
-Research Fellow in the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Hostetter
– Director of the Master of Arts in Religious Leadership and Administration

The Rev. Cassandra Perry
– Research Fellow in the Center for World Christianity


Rev. Dr. Wontae Cha
– Professor Emeritus of Ministry
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The Rev. Dr. Norman K. Gottwald
– Professor of Biblical Studies Emeritus

Dr. Obery Hendricks, BA, MDiv, MA, PhD
– Professor of Biblical Interpretation
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The Rev. Dr. Rebeca Radillo
– Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
– Director of Pastoral Care and Community Ministries
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The Rev. Dr. T. Richard Snyder
– Professor of Theology and Ethics Emeritus



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