Partnerships & Collaborations

NYTS has long been challenging the historic divides in theological education between theory and practice, between the academy and the church, or between theology and other disciplines of learning. To do so effectively, the Seminary has often developed partnerships with various other institutions of education or with organizations committed to practical training and learning. Already in the 1920′s, the Seminary was offering a joint degree program with New York University that led to a PhD in psychology with an emphasis on spiritual counseling. That program was succeeded by a long-standing relationship with the Blanton-Peale Institute that continues today. Some collaborative efforts are tied to specific degree programs, such as the Doctor of Ministry in Multifaith Ministries offered with Auburn Seminary. Others are intended to provide further resources for students, partner churches, and others in the wider religious community. As one observer has put it, with these efforts NYTS is actively seeking “to redefine theological education as we know it.”

Fund for Community Leadership Initiatives

The Fund for Community Leadership Initiatives is the social-action arm of New York Theological Seminary . FCLI serves the Seminary’s alumnae and alumni, partner congregations and friends as they identify the social and human needs of their communities and create and sustain community-based organizations and programs to address these needs. FCLI is an intermediary. It gives foundations, individual philanthropists and government funders access to an already-existing network of community-based hubs and leaders. And it brings NYTS-linked organizations together with others to explore opportunities for collaboration and to structure partnerships that advance a shared program initiative—FCLI may then seek to link the partnership with sources of funding and even provide fiscal-agency services. As it fosters partnerships, FCLI provides a suite of incubation services for start-up organizations and technical-assistance services for existing organizations. In its first years, FCLI has a special interest in programs for people returning from prison, community health and children of poverty.

For further information, contact:

Ron William Walden, Executive Director
Fund for Community Leadership Initiatives
at New York Theological Seminary
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 554
New York, NY 10115-0076
(212) 870-1297

The Living Pulpit

The Living Pulpit is a highly regarded journal for preaching that was established in 1992 and is published on a quarterly basis. As of the April 2008 issue, the journal is published entirely online. Dedicated to “the art of the sermon,” The Living Pulpit seeks to provide resources for preaching and to develop a fuller dialogue between preachers and teachers in the theological community. The journal is published by a separate non-profit corporation of the same name whose administrative offices are located within NYTS. Dr. Jin Hee Han, NYTS Professor of Biblical Studies, serves as the Editor-in-Chief. For further information, visit The Living Pulpit web page at, or call (212) 870-1299.

Blanton-Peale Institute

The Blanton-Peale Institute is a multifaith, non-sectarian educational and service organization that was founded in 1937 by the internationally famous pastor and author, the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale (of Marble Collegiate Church), and the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Smiley Blanton. Blanton-Peale continues today to bring together spirituality and psychotherapy in programs that provide for psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Among its educational offers are a full residential training program that leads to licensure in psychotherapy, and a newly proposed program in marriage and family therapy. Blanton-Peale also offers a pastoral studies program that does not lead to licensure. NYTS has historically collaborated with Blanton-Peale in a number of programs, including the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling. The two institutions are currently in the process of exploring new options for further joint educational endeavors.

The Blanton-Peale Counseling Center is one of the programs to which NYTS students are referred for further assistance in addressing matters of emotional or psychological concern.

For further information, contact the Institute or Counseling Center at:

3 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 725-7850



The Institute for African Diasporan Culture

The Institute for African Diasporan Culture (TIDAC) was established in 2008 to foster greater understanding and appreciation for the rich religious and cultural heritage of people of African descent both in Africa and across the African Diaspora.  The Institute seeks to facilitate the academic study of African religious traditions and their relationship to the Christian faith as well as other religions.  Through interactive learning and advanced study by scholars, teachers, ministers, and historians of the African Diaspora and African Tradition and Religion, TIDAC seeks to develop an in-depth awareness of African culture and its relationship to Christianity, and to deepen the faith of those who have dedicated themselves to religious service in all faith traditions.

From its inception TIDAC has had a close and collaborative working relationship with NYTS.  TIDAC and NYTS have jointly sponsored or served as co-sponsors of several international conferences and conducted several study trips to West Africa.  TIDAC has also provided scholarship support for several graduate students at NYTS.  TIDAC has also worked with other schools of theological education in the USA, including Drew Theological School, and with several universities in Africa.  In 2014 TIDAC plans to launch a program for leadership training for African Diasporan faith communities.

For more information visit the TIDAC web page at

College of New Rochelle School of New Resources

The College of New Rochelle School of New Resources, which was begun in 1972, is an undergraduate liberal arts degree program designed to address the needs of adult learners in a complex urban environment. The nontraditional program takes seriously the maturity of its students, recognizing that most have family and career commitments they cannot abandon. Students are at the heart of the school’s educational process that emphasizes the value of a liberal education, the legitimacy of experiential learning, and the adult student responsibility for assisting in the development of their curriculum. With seven branch campuses, located throughout New York City and southern Westchester, the School of New Resources serves a population as diverse in age and ethnic background as New York itself. Since 1979, the School of New Resources has had a working relationship with NYTS that includes an agreement to grant students holding the NYTS Certificate in Christian Ministry credits toward their bachelor degree. Students who have completed the NYTS Certificate in Christian Ministry at NYTS may apply to any of the seven branch campuses of the School of New Resources and will receive 15 credits if they are admitted and enrolled in the program.

In 2009, the School of New Resources will reopen a new branch campus in Manhattan which will be working closely with NYTS to offer a religious studies major designed to meet the needs of pastors and other church leaders who do not possess an accredited undergraduate degree. Those interested in further information on the program should contact:

Office of the Dean
School of New Resources
College of New Rochelle
29 Castle Place
New Rochelle, New York 10805
(800) 288-4767

Auburn Theological Seminary

Auburn Theological Seminary is an institute for religious leadership that faces the challenges of our fragmented, complex, and violent time. Historically related to the Presbyterian Church USA, the Seminary envisions religion as a catalyst and resource for a new world—one in which difference is celebrated, abundance is shared, and people are hopeful, working for a future that is better than today. Auburn’s programs include The Center for Church Life that seeks to renew church life and leadership through non-degree education; The Center for Multifaith Education that seeks to increase multifaith understanding, dialogue, and action; and The Center for the Study of Theological Education that seeks to strengthen other theological schools through educational research and consulting.

NYTS participates with Auburn in a number of creative programs, including the Doctor of Ministry in Multifaith Ministry, which is offered in collaboration with Auburn’s Center for Multifaith Education. NYTS students in the Master of Divinity degree program who are members of the Presbyterian Church USA are invited to participate with Auburn in their program of support and education for Presbyterian students. For further information, contact Auburn at (212) 662-4315 or visit the web page at

Hispanic Summer Program

The Hispanic Summer Program (HSP) is an ecumenical program that seeks to supplement and enrich theological and ministerial education at the graduate seminary and university level with summer courses and other activities directly addressing Hispanic or Latino/a history, ministry, and theology. HSP seeks not only to heal the denominational and confessional divisions among Latinos/as in North America, but to restore connections and build bridges between Hispanics or Latinos/as and non-Hispanics or non-Latinos/as by enhancing the awareness and appreciation that non-Hispanic scholars, ministers, and administrators have of Latina/o contributions to the past, present, and future of the churches and wider society in North America.

Each summer HSP offers a 13-day graduate program of study in theology and religion at one of the more than 30 institutions supporting the organization. Faculty members come from among the ranks of graduate theological schools in North America, while students come from the various supporting institutions. All courses are fully accredited at the graduate degree level and are transferred upon completion to a student’s record at any of the participating institutions. NYTS became a member of HSP in 2007 with representation on its governing board, and encourages students to consider its summer program when selecting their courses. For further information, visit the HSP web page at

Intersections International

Intersections is a global initiative of The Collegiate Churches of New York. It is multi-cultural and multi-faith, engaging the society that surrounds us.

Intending peace and justice as lived realities, Intersections is a field of partnerships, relationships, collaborative projects, programs, and emerging theory and practice related to the ongoing transformation of society. Our work is to challenge established social norms by appealing to the inherent hope that lies in the extraordinary human potential. At different times, Intersections serves as an external unifying center, change agent, incubator, collaborator, catalyst, mirror, and training ground for this field.

To go to the Intersections International Website, click here.

The Moriah Institute

The Moriah Institute is non-profit organization dedicated to designing and implementing learning experiences focused on the integration of adolescent development, sexuality education, and spiritual awareness. Under the leadership of its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, the Rev. Mariah Britton, PhD., the Institute offers educational support for faith-based institutions, including schools of theological education, to help educate clergy and other religious leaders regarding matters of human sexuality in relation to spirituality, and to be better prepared as church leaders for dealing with matters of sexuality among both adolescents and adults. The Institute works in partnership with NYTS to provide resources for students, their churches, and the wider community of theological educators regarding human sexuality and sexual education.
For more information visit the Moriah Institute’s web site at

Eugene A. Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship

The Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship is the American Bible Society’s scholarly arm. As such it is responsible for the careful study and dissemination of theories and practices that affect how the Bible is translated, interpreted, and employed for the benefit of the church and humankind. Drawing upon the Bible Society’s nearly two-centuries’ worth of translation and publication experience, the Nida Institute is committed to assuring that the best modern scholarship from a wide range of disciplines is brought to bear on the challenging task of presenting the sacred text to the modern world in engaging ways that will change lives. To accomplish this, the Nida Institutes draws upon the expertise and experience of many partner organizations, including the United Bible Societies and the Society of Biblical Scholarship. In partnership with the San Pellegrino University Foundation, the Nida Institute sponsors the fully accredited Nida School of Translation Studies (NSTS) held each summer in Misano Adriatico, Italy.

The Nida Institute is proud to be partnering with New York Theological Seminary in the establishment and development of a Doctor of Ministry program focused on Bible Engagement, a three-year program that began in the fall of 2011. Nida Institute staff will work alongside New York Theological Seminary professors to present courses on Critical Interpretation, Culture Leadership and Identity, and Mentoring and Research. In addition, doctoral candidates will have opportunities to interface with one another and discuss their dissertation projects as part of a springtime Nida-sponsored retreat at NSTS campus in Misano.

Philip H. Towner, Dean
Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship
American Bible Society
1865 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
(212) 408-8752


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