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Berry Chantay Development Associate 212.870.1241

Briggs Sontaia Development Database Administrator 212.870.1257

Cano Lucy Director of Certificate Programs 212.870.1232

Carroll Ava Administrator of Online Learning Systems  212.870.1258

Fields Nancy Director of Supervised Ministry 212.870.1269

Gardner-Brim Cynthia Director of Alumni/ae Affairs 212.870.1244

Hill Adriane Director of Vocational Discernment 212.870.1212

King Craig Chief Financial Officer and Controller 212.870.1238

Kim-Bae Hye Jung (Grace) International Student Advisor 212.870.1207

Lang Wanda Student Accounts Coordinator 212.870.1219

Lewis Crystal Administrator, Doctor of Ministry and Mentoring Programs 212.870.1218

McQuarters Tekarra Staff Accountant 212.870.1297

Morales A. Cathy Coordinator of External Communications and

Staff Accountant

Parris Jennifer Secretary for Academic Affairs 212.870.1266

Raza Ahsan Information Technologies Support 212.870.1228

Rodriguez Lillian Executive Administrator for Academic Affairs 212.870.1225

Rodriguez-Bumgardner Lydia Registrar 212.870.1233

Sabune Petero Director of the Masters of Professional Studies degree at Sing Sing Correctional Facility 212.870.1235

Salaman Yvonne Assistant Registrar 212.870.1217

Serlin Justina Volunteer Administrative Support Staff 212.870.1267

White Tamisia Director of Financial Aid 212.870.1229

Wiley-Harris Courtney Vice President for Development and Institutional Advancement 212.870.1253



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