Financial Aid

Financial aid at NYTS is available to students in all degree programs, and is awarded primarily on the basis of need, although in some cases specific scholarships are available on the basis of merit. Financial aid is given in the form of scholarships (direct awards or work-study) and federal Stafford loans. Eligible applicants for any form of assistance must be registered for at least 8 credits per semester at the master’s degree level, or for the entire year in the Doctor of Ministry program. Students must be in good standing, both academically and financially, to be eligible for financial aid each year. The Seminary seeks to be as helpful as possible to students as they plan and manage their educational expenses. Information about financial assistance is available from the Financial Aid Office, and information about additional resources is from time to time circulated among the student body through notices and postings.


Renewals are not automatic, and students must re-apply each year. Applications that are not fully and legibly completed and/or lack the proper documentation will be returned.


For more information on any of these matters, students should see Tamisia White, Director of Financial Aid at:

475 Riverside Drive, #500
New York, New York 10115
Phone: 212-870-1229


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