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For the past several years, NYTS has been participating in #GivingTuesday; a global day of giving powered by community action. This year, we will be supporting the work done by the Eleanor Moody Shepherd Resource Center for Women in Ministry. The Center aims to establish a network of women leaders to advance impacted communities throughout the city.

logo Womens Center-8-19-2018-1 ACM EditStarting TODAY (#GivingTuesday) NYTS will be kicking off our giving season by posting on social media each day from November 27 to December 1, 2018. These posts will highlight women leaders in the NYTS community. Help NYTS continue to support women leaders like these by donating $5.00 to the Eleanor Moody-Shepherd Resource Center for Woman of Faith! We hope to ask each of our supporters to get 5 of their friends to make a gift to NYTS of $5.00 or more to help raise $5,000.00 for the Eleanor Moody-Shepherd Resource Center for Women of Faith!

To donate to the Women’s Center, please click HERE and select “The EMS Resource Center for Women in Ministry” in the menu that says “Select a designation.”  For further information on the Center please visit their page at www.nyts.edu/emswomenscenter or call (212) 870-1211.


Our NYTS Women Leaders


Joo Sun Ae (MRE 1958), is highly regarded as one of the most important Korean church leaders of the past half century and has served as the Director of the North Korean Refugees Center in Seoul since 2005. https://bit.ly/2KH38Oc

Cassandra Perry

“NYTS has taught me the value of service: as the Executive Director of 163rd Street Improvement Council Inc, a Bronx nonprofit that provides housing and services to people with special needs; as the associate pastor of Williams Institutional CME Church; and as a TA for several years for the Rev. Dr. Dale Irvin in his Church History class.  I have now matriculated into a PhD program in Church History which will afford me the opportunity and tools to continue sharing the Word in action while teaching the Word to the next generation.” – Cassandra Perry (MDiv 2003) https://bit.ly/2FNyKCV


“I can truly say that I love my job and am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve this wonderful institution. The greatest joy is Commencement day. When I see the candidates for graduation receive their degrees I feel so proud of them and I am so glad that I was a little part of their journey.” – Lydia Rodriguez-Bumgardner (MPS 1996, Registrar’s Office) https://bit.ly/2Q7ZLGg


Rev. Dr. Nadja Fidelia (MDiv 2009, DMin 2012) is a member of the NYTS Board of Trustees and a Founding Partner of the Eland Capital (a division of The Williams Capital Group) https://bit.ly/2Q578y4

WLang - ACM Edit

“NYTS has truly been a blessing in my life! Having completed three degree programs and being an employee working with students from all walks of life, but also still being able to be a part of the academy is indeed a great benefit. As a result, I have made some forever friends, am still learning and I am truly grateful.” – Apostle Dr. Wanda Lang (MDiv 2009, DMin 2013, MARE 2016, Student Accounts Coordinator) https://bit.ly/2SlNwT8


Dr. Hwain C. Lee is the author of “Blossom of the Golden Bell” and research Professor of Global Leadership and Spirituality at New York Theological Seminary, and an ordained Elder at the Bedford Park Presbyterian Church of the Bronx. She has given exemplary service to church and society in her long and distinguished career as a scholar, theologian, and community leader. https://bit.ly/2BGwABe


Nedy Fulgencio (MDiv 2011) is the author of “The Ministry of Women at the Altar” and currently developing a project in hospitality based off her past work as a Hospice Chaplain/ Spiritual Care Coordinator. https://bit.ly/2rbkh9R

Amy Fortunado

“Today I am blessed to be working as the English Ministries pastor at a Korean Presbyterian Church in Port Washington – which was a connection through NYTS President Dr. Irvin more than ten years ago! I have also recently become involved in local town politics in Smithtown, NY by running for Town Council. My studies at NYTS prepared me to run this competitive, issues-based campaign with positive results, and to require future accountability and ethical practices. – Amy Plympton Fortunato (MDiv 2009) https://bit.ly/2P9ePxR


“As a former recruitment officer, graduate and a current teaching assistant of NYTS, I bear witness to the remarkable transformation and impact this institution has had on so many lives. I’m proud to have attended this place of higher learning where theology and ministry meet to create spaces for prophetic ministry. We are a tabernacle of ecumenical zeal – poised to the tools of the gospel to transform the city and beyond.”  Min. Nicole Duncan Smith (MDiv 2014, TA for Intro to Theology)


Rev. Joya Colon-Berezin, (MDiv 2012) was ordained in the United Church of Christ at the Riverside Church and serves as Minister of Christian Education at The Scarsdale Congregational Church (UCC).  She has served as an NYTS teaching assistant in Theology and Christian Ethics and worked for The United Methodist Church and Church World Service.  Joya has authored many papers and presented at The American Society of Missiology 2015 Annual Meeting.

“Starting with the CP program New York Theological Seminary offered me the tools, support and education to go further in ministry and scholarship. I’m so glad I did!” Dr. Yvonne Salaman (CP 2005, MDiv 2011, DMin 2014, MAYM 2017)
Ashley Ellis
“I am a proud alumna of NYTS, and I’m currently an entrepreneur. I founded BREATHE circles; a platform where I do ministry with young women of color using restorative peace circles, creating space for sistas to BREATHE. Also, I train, coach, consult educators, faith and community members in the art of peacemaking circles and restorative justice implementation.” Ashley Ellis (MAYM 2017)
 Resized_IMG_13621(1) - ACM Edit“I am the Associate Minister and Women’s Ministry Leader at Brown Memorial Baptist Church. NYTS equipped me to think critically about injustice and justice in the biblical text and in our society and to be conscious of the lenses from which I view others.” Althea Bailey (CP 2005, MDiv 2009) shareImage-1543611701

“I am grateful to God for leading me to NYTS 20 years ago. I responded to my calling by serving in several administrative positions and have served as Director for the Certificate Program in Christian Ministry and Leadership (CP) for the last 9 years.  Throughout this journey, I have experienced great joy and satisfaction serving and guiding hundreds of students who have gone through the program and have obtained their Certificate as a pathway to advance in their academic endeavors and spiritual formation serving in their local communities. – Dr. Lucy Cano (MDiv 2010, DMin 2013, Director of the CP Program)

EMS Headshot 2Rev. Dr. Eleanor Moody-Shepherd (MDiv 1992) is Professor of Women’s Studies Emeritus and current director of the Eleanor Moody-Shepherd Resource Center for Women of Faith. Dr. Moody-Shepherd grew up in Alabama where she gained insight, strength, sensitivity and experience through her participation in the Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South during the 1950s and 1960s.  This tumultuous period helped her to develop the passion that motivates her to use justice as a guiding principle in her life’s work. Her areas of research and teaching include domestic violence, women in the Bible, and women in leadership.



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