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Language Resources

  • ForEast is a meta-site of free Korean, Japanese, and Chinese digital resources. (See Library Resources for an extensive list of Korean resources)
  • Hebrew Books offers over 15,000 .pdf books in Hebrew.
  • Pitt Latin American Series offers full-text of many books in the series that is available free on the web.


Greek New Testament

Greek New Testament with Apparatus

Greek Septuagint

  • Codex Sinaiticus: The Scanned 4th Century manuscript housed in the British Museum. It is impossible to exaggerate on the importance and beauty of this site.
  • Codex Vaticanus: The scanned version of the 4th century CE text in the Vatican library. The site is not as elegant as Sinaiticus and the water mark is a little disconcerting, but it is a major access to a great manuscript.
  • Greek Septuagint at katabiblon. Words display parsing when clicked. Note: this is an editable Wiki.
  • Sepguaginta – Bible Wissenschaft at bibelwissenschaf. Ralf, not parsed, cut and paste into document

Apostolic Bible Polyglot (Septuagint and NT)

Parallel Greek Versions and Multi-Language Translations

  • Unbound Bible Translation Comparisons  https://unbound.biola.edu/ Select up to 4 translations to view simultaneously. Several languages and translations including NRSV, Greek WH UBS4 with variants, and the LXX. The great strength of this site is the inclusion of the LXX as well as most Greek Variants.
  • Parallel Translations at https://www.biblegateway.com/ Although the website tends to be confusing, the ability to line up parallel texts is excellent and easy. In addition, translations, like the NRSV have links to the texts notes that can be easily used. The weakness is that it does not include the LXX.
  • Greek New Testament Parallel Texts at greeknewtestament.com/Compares line over line the Greek text of Stephens Textus Receptus, Scrivener Textus Receptus, Byzantine Majority, Alexandrian, and Hort and Westcott. Weakness does not include the NRSV.

Greek Lexicons

  • Liddell and Scott. An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon at Perseus. The major classical Greek lexicon is part of the extensive Greek resources and manuscripts in the Perseus Project.
  • Liddel Scott at Thesaurus Linguae Grecae. This is the identical dictionary as the one above, but the layout is much easier to read. Creation of free account provides access to a broader range of document.
  • Lexicon of the Greek New Testament at katabiblon.com/ This site is an editable Wiki, so it is not a high level authority. Built on Robinson-Pierpont 2005 (RP) Greek, as well as NA/UBS variants, which makes the Wiki much more than a lexicon including parsing and conjugations. Word searches include searches through the Septuagint.
  • Limited BDAG online (BAG) This is the second edition of the BDAG (BAG), the most important lexicon in Koine Greek study. Unfortunately the site is in an old font that will not display easily, as it is in the GraaceII font, which must be purchased. With some work understanding the characters, however, it can be easily read.

Greek Synonyms and Semantic Domains

Synoptic Comparison Tools

  • Four Color Synopsis – Stephen Carlson at textexcavation.com A truly extraordinary work of scholarship in which differences and likenesses in the synoptic gospels are shown in color. Text built on NA4
  • Greek New Testament: Byzantine Text from (Robinson-Pierpoint 2005) at katabiblon.com. Compares only Matthew, Mark and Luke; Byzantine variant readings and Nestle-Aland variants. A beautifully laid out site and very useful

Ancient Authors and Abbreviations


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