NYTS Presidential Search

New York Theological Seminary has launched a nationwide search for a new President to lead the Seminary, to be conducted by a Presidential Search Committee consisting of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni.  Jeffrey C. Slade, Vice chair of the Board of Trustees, chairs the Search Committee.  If you know of someone who has the qualifications set forth below and is prepared to become President of NYTS, please let the Search Committee know by sending an email to chair@nytspresidentialsearch.org or in writing to:

New York Theological Seminary
Attn: Ms. Chantay Berry
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500
New York, NY 10115

All nominations will be kept strictly confidential.

Presidential Job Description

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of New York Theological Seminary, providing visionary leadership in all aspects of the Seminary’s life.  The President is responsible for the spiritual and academic life of the Seminary, subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees.  To insure the excellence and instructional stability of the Seminary, the President oversees an administrative team with responsibility for the Seminary’s academic program, finances, operations and communications.

The President’s first priority for the immediate future will be to create and manage fund-raising strategies and campaigns to develop and maintain a solid financial base for the Seminary.  To that end, the President will spend a substantial amount of her or his time persuasively articulating the Seminary’s mission and program to a wide range of audiences outside the Seminary, including but not limited to churches, academic institutions, foundations and individuals.  The President will also empower all elements of the Seminary community – Board, faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends – to participate effectively in the Seminary’s development program.


  • Understanding of and passion for New York Theological Seminary’s mission and program
  • Ability to persuasively communicate the urgency of NYTS’s mission and program for the wider community
  • Proven success at major fund-raising
  • Knowledge of and relationships to communities which will support NYTS
  • Minimum of five years experience in an institutional setting demonstrating an ability to lead an institution comparable to the Seminary and administer an academic program
  • Understanding of and commitment to NYTS’s culture of diversity and inclusiveness
  • Personal integrity and commitment to social justice
  • Demonstrated Christian commitment
  • Terminal advanced degree required, preferably in theology


For detailed descriptions of our Academic Programs, please click the corresponding link below:

[1] Delivery of the MPS in Sing Sing is an approved exception to Commission on Accrediting Degree Program Standard B, section B.3 .2.1.


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