The Margaret and Norman Eddy Program Center


Integrating spirituality and community organizing for the well-being of the city

“But seek the spiritual well-being [shalom] of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its spiritual well-being you will find your spiritual well-being.” – Jeremiah 29:7



Urban Spirituality

New York Theological Seminary has long been committed to helping urban churches realize the shalom [or spiritual well-being] of the city where God has sent them.

Urban spirituality is not necessarily a tidy affair. The city is often chaotic, and the manner of religious care can be dysfunctional and even destructive. Spiritual training can help face the matrix of issues that surround the urban context.

The Margaret and Norman Eddy Program Center for Spiritual Coordination and Community Well-Being establishes a permanent home for the training of pastors and religious leaders to become more capable of integrating spirituality into community organizing to meet injustices.

Spiritual Coordination

If you stepped into the offices of East Harlem Protestant Parish in the mid-1960s you would have seen Norm and Peg and witnessed their ability to bring people together.

Whether listening to concerns of people who wanted to work for change, suggesting ways to approach city officials or mobilizing grass roots efforts, you would have seen Norm’s ideas on“spiritual coordination” coming together.

This “spiritual coordinator” concept, initiated by Norm Eddy, is best seen through the changes brought about in prison, housing, finance and drug abuse by the people of greater Harlem. Peg Eddy led initiatives in education, peer counseling and health and healing. A central methodology that she taught at NYTS was the use of Biblical Storytelling to motivate ‘spiritual activism.’

This is the seed we hope to plant with your help in establishing the Eddy Program Center for Spiritual Coordination and Community Well-Being.


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