Certificate Program in Convergence Studies

The Certificate Program in Convergence Studies (CPCS) provides students with an introduction to the theology and practice of Ancient Future thought and philosophy which seeks to blend the essential elements of the Christian faith as represented historically through the three major streams of the church (Evangelical, Charismatic and Liturgical/Sacramental). The courses taught are made available for laity, as well as ordained or lay ministers, and other concerned Christians who are currently involved or interested in convergence ministry. This is a unique and dynamic learning experience not only because of the rich diversity of the participants in the program but also because of the rich amalgamation or blending of historical, liturgical and theological resources. Our students are Christians, young and old, from all walks of life and different denominations. Some have had limited educational opportunities, while others have college or advanced degrees. Classes are offered presently in English and we are at work diligently in hopes of being able to offer classes in Spanish

The program is designed to be deeply committed to Christian ecumenism offering excellent preparatory experiences for men and women who have been called to convergence ministry. The one year course of study is divided into three semesters and two intensive (classroom) sessions. Attendance to a retreat in the spring and fall are required. It is possible to obtain transfer credits upon completion of the Certificate by enrolling in certain colleges with which New York Theological Seminary has made specific arrangements; other colleges and universities may also give credit for this program at their discretion. Students may also be eligible to transfer up to 24 credits into the Master of Divinity or up to 12 for the Master of Arts providing they meet the requirements to apply for these degree programs at NYTS.

For a list of Certificate Program Sites, please visit www.nyts.edu/CPSites.

You can download this application from: www.nyts.edu.

Program Goals

  • To provide opportunities for ministers and church workers to grow in understanding of the merging of Christian faith traditions, with particular emphasis on the theology and practice within the Evangelical, Charismatic and Liturgical/Sacramental streams of the Christian church.
  • To assist students in examining and exploring new ways of sharing their faith.
  • To provide training in the basic skills needed for post-modern global city ministry.


The CPCS welcomes applications from women and men who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, who seek to increase in both biblical literacy and spiritual understanding, and who desire to be better prepared for ministry. No application fee is required.

For further information, contact:
Director of the Certificate Programs
New York Theological Seminary
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500
New York, NY 10115
(212) 870-1211



Session A:
  •  Biblical Exegesis
  • Theology and Philosophy of Leadership
Winter  (Intensive)
  • Special Issues in Worship and Theology

Session B:
  •  Introduction to Celtic Spirituality
  • Sacramental and Liturgical Theology

Session C:
 Summer (Intensive)
  •  Rubrics, Rites and Rituals
  • Church History and Historical Theology
  • Church Renewal and Missiology


For more information call the Certificate Program office at 212-870-1232 or visit our website at www.nyts.edu


CPCS New Site Rochester - 7-15-16

Download this flier HERE.


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