Certificate Program in Islamic Studies

The Certificate Program in Islamic Studies (CPIS) is a 2-year program designed to provide a comprehensive view of the Islamic faith tradition from the perspective of moderate Muslims living in contemporary urban society. The program explores the spiritual, moral, and ethical principles of Islam which are also inherent in the Jewish and Christian faith traditions. While designed primarily for Islamic religious leaders, it is open to persons of every faith tradition who wish to learn more about Islam, and who wish to participate more effectively in urban ministry in a multifaith context.

Program Goals

  • To provide an understanding of the Islamic faith from the perspective of moderate Muslims in contemporary society
  • To acquaint students with the primary and secondary authentic sources for Islamic knowledge
  • To provide training in the basic skills needed for urban ministry



The CPIS welcomes applications from women and men who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, who seek to increase in both biblical literacy and spiritual understanding, and who desire to be better prepared for ministry. No application fee is required

For further information, contact:
Director of the Certificate Program
New York Theological Seminary
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500
New York, NY 10115
(212) 870-1211

The Curriculum

Year One Year Two
Al-Islam: From a Contemporary Urban Perspective (12 sessions) History of Islam in America (12 sessions)
Interpretation of the Qur’an (12 sessions) Theodocity (12 sessions)

Rise of Islam (12 sessions) Islamic Law in Contemporary Society (6 sessions)
Islamic Ethics (12 sessions) Counseling Muslims (6 sessions)
World Shari’ah vs Fiqh (6 sessions)
Biblical and Quranic Scripture (6 sessions)

Writing for Theology (Intensive in June for students who need writing skills)


CPIS ITC 8-26-16


To download this flyer as a PDF, please click HERE.


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