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New York Theological Seminary has been the beneficiary of generous gifts from a number of alumni/ae and friends over the years who have established a living legacy in the form of a permanent endowment to support current students with scholarship assistance.  Scholarships are drawn from the interest of these funds and are awarded annually following the description for each award.  For more information on how you can provide a permanent scholarship fund at NYTS, contact the Office of Development.

The Ellen Blodgett Memorial Scholarship was established in her memory by the Rev. Agnes C. Saffoury, class of 2005, to help students from under-represented communities in the Seminary.

The Paul W. Bradley Scholarship was established by the family and friends of the Rev. Dr. Paul W. Bradley (DMin, class of 2007) who served first as Vice President for Development and Institutional Advancement, and then as a Trustee of New York Theological Seminary until his death in 2014.  The award is given annually to a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered student at NYTS.

William L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship was established in his memory by the family and friends of Dr. William L. Bradley, including Paul W. Bradley, class of 2007, to provide scholarship support for a deserving student from Southeast Asia, Indonesia, or the Phillippines.

The Esther Cummings Memorial Scholarship was established by the Seminary to commemorate the life and ministry of Esther Cummings who served as Professor of Missionary Linguistics and Public Speaking at The Biblical Seminary in New York.

The Margaret Eddy Scholarship provides support for a graduate student in the Master of Divinity Program.  Margaret Eddy was a graduate of the Seminary and a member of the Board of Trustees.

The Ethel Mae Gaston Memorial Scholarship was established by Ethel Mae Gaston’s family and friends to honor her dedication and commitment to the increase of ministry within the church.  This scholarship is awarded to Baptist students.

The Emily V. Gibbes Scholarship was established by friends of Emily Gibbes to honor Dr. Gibbes’ courageous leadership and role-modeling for Black Christian women. The award is given annually to Black female students who demonstrate unusual leadership potential.

The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship was established in the name of publisher William Randolph Hearst to promote excellence in ministry and to assist those who are financially challenged in obtaining quality accredited theological education.

The Melvyn F. Hester Scholarship was established by Dr. Laura J. Pires-Hester in memory of her husband, the Rev. Dr. Melvyn F. Hester, to support students in the Masters Program, preferably employed in public service.

The Barbara J. and M. William Howard Jr. Scholarship was established to honor the work and ministry of the Rev. Dr. M. William Howard, Jr., president of NYTS from 1992-2000, and his wife, Barbara.  This scholarship is awarded to students who have a strong denominational identity, are deeply involved in a local congregation, and demonstrate a discernable ecumenical commitment.  Recipients must also demonstrate a call to a ministry of social justice and social transformation.

The Sang Ok Hur Scholarship was established by the Rev. Dr. Young S. Kim, class of 1994, in memory of his mother, Mrs. Sang Ok Hur, to assist women enrolled at New York Theological Seminary who are called to ministry.

The Hwain Chang Lee scholarship is given annually to one or more students in honor of the life and service of Dr. Hwain Chang Lee.  Preference is given to international women who are students at NYTS.

The William K. Lee scholarship is given annually to one or more students in honor of Dr. William K. Lee, Chair of the Board of Trustees (2012- present).  Preference is given to international students who demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to ministry.

The Margaret Smith Maase Scholarship was established in 2001 to honor the life and missionary zeal of Margaret Smith Maase, ‘48.  The scholarship is awarded annually to a student of New York Theological Seminary, preferably affiliated with the Baptist tradition, who either comes from Southeast Asia, or is planning to do missionary work, or is planning to enter the ordained ministry, and exhibits financial need.

The Ann M. Mallouk Scholarship provides support for one or more students pursuing a master’s degree at the Seminary.

The Rev. Richard S. McCarroll and Mrs. E. Allison McCarroll Scholarship was established by the Board of Trustees on the 50th anniversary of Reverend McCarroll’s graduation (class of 1929) from The Biblical Seminary in New York, to assist in the education of Master Divinity students.

The Ella and Harold Midtbo Scholarship was established by Dr. Harold Midtbo, Trustee Emeritus and Trustee of the Seminary from 1953 to 1990, and his wife, Mrs. Ella Midtbo, for deserving students in need.

The William Howard Morton Scholarship was established by the parents of William Howard Morton in memory of their son, whose untimely death cut short a promising career of great potential in Christian ministry. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student in the Master of Divinity Program.

The Abraham A. Oyedeji Scholarship was established by members of Christ Apostolic Church (First in the Americas), Brooklyn, New York, in honor of their founding pastor, the Reverend Doctor Abraham A. Oyedeji, to support students of Christ Apostolic Church and others from African Instituted churches, or who intend to serve in ministry within an African Instituted Church anywhere in the world.

The Dorris Anne “Dodie” and George D. Younger Scholarship was established in his memory by the family and friends of The Rev. Dr. Doris Anne (Dodie) Younger and The Dr. Rev. Dr. George D. Younger to support students who demonstrate courage, integrity and commitment to urban ministry.  Preference in awarding the scholarship is given to students who are members of The Riverside Church in New York City.


Several scholarships are awarded annually to candidates for degrees at NYTS by churches or other funds directly.  The following are several such named scholarships.

The Karen Hall-Clayton Scholarship is given annually by the Goodwill Baptist Church in the Bronx, New York, where Rev. Hall-Clayton (class of 2009) served with distinction as Associate Pastor.  The scholarship supports one or two students in a master’s degree program.

The Rev. Dr. Clarence Norman and Mrs. Ellen Norman Scholarships are awarded annually to two students, one man and one woman, by First Baptist Church of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, NY, where the Normans served in ministry for over sixty years.  Recipients must be enrolled in a Master’s degree program at NYTS, be in their second year or higher, have a GPA of at least 3.0, and be members in good standing of a Baptist church.  Preference is given to members of First Baptist Church of Crown Heights and to those who live or work in Brooklyn.  Recipients are invited to attend church service on Scholarship Sunday, which is held each year on the 3rd Sunday of March, or during the church’s annual graduation service held on the 2nd Sunday of June.

The Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Scholarship was established by Mary Ida Vandross, mother of the renowned singer Luther Vandross, to provide scholarships for members of Mariner’s Temple Baptist Church who are enrolled in a degree program at NYTS.  The scholarship is administered by Mariner’s Temple Baptist Church.





Several permanent funds at the Seminary have been established to support programs of the Seminary. Funds are drawn annually for special lectures, conferences, Alumni Day events, and more.


Hostetter-Habib Endowment Fund was established by The Mark D. Hostetter and Alexander N. Habib Foundation to ensure the Seminary’s ongoing institutional commitment to explore and experiment with innovative ideas that use the Seminary’s talents, resources, and networks to address cutting edge issues.  Such issues include increasing the vitality of mainline churches, promoting ecumenical and multifaith cooperation and understanding, and enhancing the faith development of youth.

The Trefoil Fund for Liturgy and Worship was established by Father John Miles Evans (MDiv, 1993) as a permanent endowment to support the study of liturgy and worship at New York Theological Seminary.

The George W. “Bill” Webber Fund for Urban Ministry was established upon the retirement of Bill Webber as President of the Seminary in 1982.  In 2004 the Board of Trustees, with the support of the Webber family, formally designated these funds to support a future George W. “Bill” Webber Chair in Urban Ministry.

Wilbert Webster White Fund was established by the Board of Trustees following the sale of the Seminary’s property at 49th Street with funds from the sale set aside to support Biblical scholarship at the Seminary in honor of the Seminary’s founding president. Additional support from alumni/ae and friends designated as being in memory of W. W. White are added to this fund.

The Norman Eddy Fund for Spiritual Coordination and Community Well Being was established by the family and friends of the Reverend Norman (“Norm”) Eddy to honor his legacy of service in East Harlem.  Resources from the Fund promote what Norm called “spiritual coordination,” which entails the integration of spirituality and community organizing among urban religious leaders.  The fund currently supports programs offered by the Micah Institute at NYTS.





Public Awards

The Urban Angel Award is given each spring at the Seminary’s annual Urban Angel Awards Banquet and honors a select group of individuals who have made significant contributions to the health and vitality of urban communities throughout the greater New York area, around the nation, and throughout the world.  Funds that are raised through the Urban Angel Awards Gala support Seminary operations.

The Sower Award is presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves in excellence and faithfulness in ministry.  The image of the Biblical Sower, found in the thirteenth chapter of Matthew, was the Seminary’s official logo under its founder and first President, Dr. Wilbert Webster White.  The award is a mounted bronze relief modeled after the painting “The Sower” by French artist Jean-François Millet (1814-1875). The beautiful bronze casting is prominently displayed at the entrance of the Seminary’s administrative offices.  As New York Theological Seminary seeks to teach excellence in ministry, it also seeks to honor excellence in the ministry of those who “have gone out to sow.”

The Vernon M. Dougherty Distinction in Ministry Award is the highest award given by the NYTS to alumni and alumnae of New York Theological Seminary and The Biblical Seminary in New York. Candidates for the award must be nominated by another graduate of the Seminary, be the recipient of a degree or certificate from the Seminary, have been engaged in ministry and leadership for at least fifteen years, and have distinguished themselves in either ordained or lay ministry. The Award is named in memory of a former Director of Alumni Affairs (2003 to 2007) at NYTS.

The Rising Alumni/ae Award recognizes achievement and promise in ministry on the part of someone who is a recent graduate of NYTS.  Its recipient must have completed a degree or certificate within the past five years, and be serving in ministry or mission in a church, other faith-based community, or non-profit organization.

The Partner in Ministry Leadership Award recognizes the leading actions of organizations, programs and individuals working with the Seminary’s Supervised Ministry program and significantly advancing the efforts of NYTS to prepare men and women for the work of ministry in the city, in the community, and in the world.

The Maria Kim Award was established by the Board of Trustees in 2007 and is presented occasionally in recognition of outstanding leadership on behalf of women in the world Christian community.  The award is named in honor of Biblical Seminary graduate Maria Kim, class of 1932, a leader in the March 1, 1919 Independence Movement in Korea and later President of the National Organization of Korean Presbyterian Women.  The award is given upon the vote of the Board of Trustees.


Student Awards

The President’s Award is presented annually to a graduating member of the Master of Divinity class who has distinguished herself or himself both academically and professionally in a manner that most embodies the spirit of New York Theological Seminary.  The award recipient is selected by the faculty on the recommendation of the President.

The Bible Award is given in honor of The Biblical Seminary in New York, and is awarded to one or two graduating students in the MDiv who, in the judgment of the faculty, most embody the commitment to excellence in biblical studies.  Recipients are selected by the entire faculty on the recommendation of the members of the Biblical field.

The Excellence in Ministry Award is presented annually to one or more graduating Doctor of Ministry candidates who have submitted a Demonstration Project which, in the judgment of the faculty, makes an original, relevant, and significant contribution to the theory and practice of ministry as judged by the standards of the profession.  Recipients are selected by the Director of the DMin program.

Academic Excellence Awards are presented annually for each Master of Arts and Certificate program to a graduating student who has demonstrated academic excellence in that program.  Recipients are selected by the Director of the respective programs.


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