Vocational Discernment

At NYTS we believe that everyone has a vocation.  We are not talking just about a secular kind of vocation that you might have.  We are talking about your spiritual vocation.

God calls everyone to ministry, but our callings are diverse.  For some it might be to ordained ministry, for others it might be to teaching, and for still others it might be to outreach.  No matter who you are, God has something for you to do in life.

Finding your calling is not always easy.  For some the challenges they face appear too great.  Some have heard that they are not the right gender or do not have the right orientation to be called.  Some feel that life’s other demands are keeping them from responding, that they cannot afford to quit their job, or that they have too many other responsibilities to take on something new.

We understand these challenges, but we also do not think they are too great to overcome.

We also believe that God does not just call us, but that God also always provides a way to help prepare those whom God has called.

The Office of Vocational Discernment at NYTS exists to help you find both the calling in your life, and the way that NYTS can be a part of your preparation for ministry.  We want to help you find the right program at NYTS to meet your need for education and training.

After you hear your call from God, call us.  Let us be your partner in vocational discernment.

For further information on vocational discernment and the various programs at NYTS, contact:

Ms. Adriane Hill
New York Theological Seminary
Phone: 212-870-1212
Email: ahill@nyts.edu


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