Thriving Thursdays at NYTS

“Thriving Thursdays” events were created as a part of the Lilly Endowment Inc., grant supporting efficacy in ministry through mentoring at NYTS. The objective of “Thriving Thursdays” is to create a space for resource development for members of the NYTS community- alumni/ae and students – who may or may not be participating as a mentor or mentee in the overall Mentoring Program being supported by the grant. These will be public forums to which students, alumni/ae, members of partner churches, and members of the general public are invited. One or more notable speakers will be featured at each event, who will address aspects of thriving in ministry that are relevant to urban contexts. The themes and topics were drawn from the results of the focus groups canvassed during the planning stage of the grant of this project, and will continue as new topics emerge from the research.

Thriving Thursday events are held in the NYTS Administrative Offices/Conference Room A of the The Interchurch Center, located at 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 500, New York, NY 10115 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. There will be no cost of admission to attend the event.

Registration for each event is required for admittance to the building.

Download this flyer as a PDF HERE

Upcoming Workshops

Financing the Call

Rev. Dr. Perry Hopper

Associate Executive Director

Rev. Dr. Perry J. Hopper joined MMBB’s staff in 1987 and is responsible for coordinating special programs that support MMBB’s mission. Perry works in various capacities to best serve existing members, to reach prospective members, and to maintain solid relationships between MMBB and its affiliates.

The main objective of this workshop is to help clergy and aspiring clergy who will seek ordination understand the financial implications of making a commitment to a call to ministry. That is, whether deciding on an educational journey through seminary or exploring ordination to prepare for a call to parish or institutional/denominational ministry, such decisions carry financial implications. This workshop will give basic primers from managing debt and clergy taxes to understanding clergy compensation components and the importance of preparing for retirement.

Additional workshops coming soon.

Past Workshops

Plot Twists and Purpose: Pastor, Ministry and Lay Leaders as Authors and the Path to Publishing

Watch the Livestream of this workshop HERE

Download the presentation HERE.

Positive Youth Development and Trauma Informed Care for Church Connected Youths

Watch the Livestream of this workshop HERE Click HERE to watch “Through Our Eyes”

 Intergenerational Synthesis: 21st Century Challenges to Traditional Church Practices

Watch the Livestream of this workshop HERE

Download the presentation HERE.

Download the presentation Questionnaire HERE

 Click HERE to watch Generations Throughout History

A Pastor’s Time Management: Accessibility vs. Personal Boundaries

Watch the Livestream of this workshop HERE

Download the presentation HERE.

Management Training: What Seminary Doesn’t teach you about Running a Church

Watch the Livestream of this workshop HERE

Download the handout HERE.

Community Outreach Relations: Who Should Be At The Table?

Watch the Livestream of this workshop HERE

Read what attendees learned HERE


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