Professor Peter Heltzel’s New Book: Jesus and Justice!

jesusjusticepeterheltzelYALE UNIVERSITY PRESS is pleased to announce the publication of Jesus and Justice: Evangelicals, Race, and American Politics by Peter Godwin Heltzel. This book is an examination of the rise of political evangelicalism and what it tells us about the relations between religion, race, and politics in America.

This timely book investigates the increasing visibility and influence of evangelical Christians in recent Ameri-can politics with a focus on racial justice. Author Peter Goodwin Heltzel considers four evangelical social movements: Focus on the Family, the National Associ-ation of Evangelicals, Christian Community Develop-ment Association, and Sojourners.

The political motives and actions of evangelical groups are founded upon their conceptions of Jesus Christ, Heltzel contends. He traces the roots of contemporary evangelical politics to the prophetic black Christianity tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the socially engaged evangelical tradition of Carl F. H. Henry. Heltzel shows that the basic tenets of King’s and Henry’s theologies have led their evangelical heirs toward a prophetic evangelicalism in a shade of blue green—blue symbolizing the tragedy of black suffering in the Americas, and green symbolizing the hope of a prophetic evangelical engagement with poverty, AIDS, and the environment. This fresh theological understand-ing of evangelical political groups shines new light on the ways evangelicals shape and are shaped by broader American culture.


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Publication date: July 21, 2009




Jesus and Justice: Evangelicals, Race, and American Politics

by Peter Goodwin Heltzel

Price: $30.00 * ISBN: 978-0-300-12433-0 Cloth * 288 pages

Publication date: July 21, 2009

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