Dr. Marian Ronan, Research Professor at NYTS, Publishes New Book, Sister Trouble

Sister Trouble by Marian Ronan

In April 2012, after three years of investigation, the Vatican issued a harsh “doctrinal assessment” of the largest organization of Catholic sisters in the U.S., the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. It also assigned two bishops to supervise the group. Sister Trouble is a galvanizing collection of articles about the crackdown and related questions by writer and activist Marian Ronan.

In Part IRonan chronicles the conflict from 2009 to 2012. She also examines the condemnation of a book by a noted nun-theologian and how the sisters’ support for “Obamacare” influenced events.  In Part II, she traces the treatment of Catholic sisters throughout church history, showing that this latest episode is really nothing new. And in the concluding section, Ronan explores why Catholic sisters mean so much to her and to millions of other American Catholics. Each of the articles sizzles with Ronan’s distinctive humor.

As reviewer Tania Oldenhage writes, Sister Trouble is an “urgent, clear-sighted and deeply-moving account” of the conflict between the Vatican and the nuns. It’s also a testimony to the legacy of Catholic sisters throughout the ages.

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