Rev. Dr. Nancy Fields lectures at Harris Manchester College in Oxford England

NFields Lecture at 2019 Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies - SMALL

Rev. Dr. Nancy Fields was invited to lecture at the Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies from Wednesday, July 31, 2019 to Friday, August 2, 2019 at Harris Manchester College in Oxford England. The Symposium was hosted and facilitated by Canon Brian Montford. The lecture, titled “Practicing Civility Behind Bars, ” was inspired by her sabbatical work on interfaith/multifaith dialogue. It primarily focused on her work at Sing Sing educating students in the Master of Professional Studies Program that are both culturally and religiously diverse on the concepts of ministry and pastoral care.

Fellow Lecturers at 2019 Oxford Symposium - ACM EDIT


Dr. Fields was accompanied by several other international scholars who presented their work at the Symposium. You can read abstracts of their work HERE.


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