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The reputation of an educational institution depends in no small degree upon the accomplishments of the graduates that have come through its programs.  In the case of New York Theological Seminary, its reputation is stellar, due to the outstanding caliber of its graduates who are serving around the world.  The Seminary is justifiably proud of its alumni/ae, and of their accomplishments in ministry, academia, the arts, business, professional services, the non-profit sector, and much, much more.  The Seminary is in turn enriched by their contributions to the world and by their financial support of NYTS.

The Office of Alumni/ae Relations seeks to maintain communication with graduates of all programs of the Seminary, from the Certificate through the Doctorate, to inform them of the special events offered each year in collaboration with other departments and programs for continuing education and enrichment.  A number of alumni/ae gatherings are held each year throughout the New York metropolitan area and around the world to provide an opportunity to hear about what is happening at the Seminary, and to suggest ways the Seminary can continue to fulfill its mission in the world.   Graduates are also invited to propose their own ideas about programs and events that NYTS might be able to help them in sponsoring.  Several times a year graduates are invited to make a gift to the Seminary’s Annual Fund to help the next generation of students who are coming through to join the ranks of excellence in theological learning and service.

For more information on the events listed this year as part of the Alumni/ae Program, call the Office of Development and Institutional Advancement at (212) 870-1211 or watch for mailings and postings on the web at

In addition to these more traditional services to alumni/ae, the Seminary’s social-action affiliate, Fund for Community Leadership Initiatives (FCLI), seeks to serve the social-action projects and organizations founded or managed by Seminary graduates in the New York metropolitan region and in other locations around the country.  It works to bring NYTS-linked organizations together with others to explore opportunities for collaboration and to structure partnerships that advance a shared program initiative.  FCLI seeks also to link the partnership with sources of funding and provide fiscal-agency or other financial-intermediation services.  As it fosters partnerships, FCLI provides to NYTS alumni/ae a suite of incubation services for start-up organizations and technical-assistance services for existing organizations.  It carries on a management-consulting practice serving nonprofits, specializing in program and organization design and development, strategic planning, and compensation surveys and advisement.


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