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The Certificate in Ministry and Leadership (CML) is a two-year course of study that provides biblical and theological knowledge to apply in congregational leadership and other ministry contexts. The program is divided into four semesters of weekend or evening coursework. The CML is designed for faith leaders who want to deepen their biblical and theological knowledge to be more effective in ministry.

The CPML is a unique and dynamic learning experience because of the rich diversity of the faculty and students participating in the program. Our students are from all walks of life. Credits from this program can be transferred to select colleges. 

The CPML classes are offered online and at several sites in the New York area as well as in New Jersey.  The program is also available in Spanish. Please download the application form at: www.nyts.edu


First Testament and Prophetic Leadership ~  Exegesis and Preaching: from Text to Sermon

Second Testament and Transformational Leadership ~ Introduction to Theology

Leadership for Church Administration and Education ~ Church History

Ethics of Pastoral Care and Counseling ~ World Religions: Exercising Faith in Multireligious Contexts


The Certificate in Bible and the Practice of Preaching (CBPP) introduces the beginning theological student to the basics of understanding the Christian Bible and how to preach it.  After courses overviewing both First (“Old”) and Second (“New”) Testaments – their history, culture, and interpretation – students will learn how to go from “text to sermon,” with study of sample texts from various genres in both Testaments. These courses in a variety of biblical genres (e.g., Pentateuch, Wisdom Tradition, Prophetic Books, Gospels, Epistles, Revelation) will incorporate guidelines in how to construct and deliver sermons. Particular attention will be given in this one-year program to the theological meaning of these scriptures for faith and practice today, including communicating them via the preached word.


Fall semester: Introduction to the 1st Testament ~ Biblical Exegesis: from Text to Sermon

Spring semester: Introduction to the 2nd Testament ~ Constructing and Delivering a Sermon



The certificate in Theology and Social Justice (CTSJ) aims to equip laity and clergy to frame their commitments to justice issues and moral imagination in theology, inspiring new faith-rooted, learned social justice advocates in a pluralistic world. Through this year-long program, the learner will cultivate capacities to analyze and speak theologically on issues related to racism, economic exploitation, homophobia and heterosexism, immigration, criminal justice, and health care to enumerate a range of public crises. Likewise, the certificate provides a basis for persons to build a working knowledge of classical and contemporary theories of justice and make meaning of injustice and justice through the theological framework, gesturing toward individual, ecclesial, and organizational responses to societal challenges. 


Fall Courses: Theories of Justice: A Survey ~ Introduction to Theology 

Spring courses: The Moral Imagination and Public Theology ~ Exegeting the Local and Work of Theology

Additional Details

We Also Offer One-year Certificate Programs:

  • Certificate In Bible And The Practice Of Preaching

Courses Available For Fall 2021:

  • Introduction To The First Testament
  • Biblical Exegesis: From Text To Sermon


  • Certificate In Theology And Social Justice

Admission Requirements: You need to be involved in some expression of ministry within your local church, provide a passport size photograph (for ID purposes), Immunization records (MMR if born on or after 1/1/57), and write a spiritual autobiography answering three questions included in the application. 

TUITION: $820 per semester; each course is $410. Tuition is payable in full or in installments.

FALL REGISTRATION: August 24, 25, 26, 2021

SPRING REGISTRATION: January 4, 5, 6, 2022


We Also Offer One-year Certificate Programs:

  • Certificate In Bible And The Practice Of Preaching

Courses Available For Fall 2021:

  • Introduction To The First Testament
  • Biblical Exegesis: From Text To Sermon
  • Certificate In Theology And Social Justice
  • Theories Of Justice: A Survey
  • Introduction To Theology


For general information about the Certificate Program please contact the Director, Dr. Lucy Cano at 212-870-1232; Lcano@nyts.edu


We train, capacitate and equip lay leaders, adult women, and men with the necessary tools for practical ministry. 

Our curriculum is tri-fold and consists of courses in Bible, Christian Thought and Tradition, and Ministry.



  • 121 years of history and experience training and sending leaders to minister to the world 
  • We are interdenominational- More than 57 denominations are represented in our student body
  • The Bible is at the Center of our teaching 
  • Affordable tuition
  • Accessible and convenient
  • Fully available online in English/Spanish 
  • Partnerships with several colleges and universities of NY and NJ that grant credit towards the bachelor’s degree. Click here for info.



We welcome applications from women and men who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, who seek to increase in both biblical literacy and spiritual understanding, and who desire to be better prepared for ministry. No application fee is required.



  • We are inter-denominational
  • Classes in English and Spanish
  • Convenient schedules and locations
  • Online classes in both English/Spanish
  • Advanced standing credits towards the bachelor’s degree at the completion of the program
  • Advance standing towards the Master of Divinity at NYTS 



  • Apply what you learn to your ministry and daily life.
  • The opportunity to continue your academic advancement at the undergraduate or degree levels.
  • Increases your credibility and opens doors for ministerial skilled positions within your church
  • Empower you to empower others to come and journey with us at NYTS



Prospective Students

Immunization Form/Formulario de Vacunas

Current Students

CP Formulario Para Añadir o Darse De Baja, Retirarse De Una Clase O Cambio De Extension

Transcript Request / Solicitud de Transcripcion de Grado

PLEASE NOTE:In response to COVID-19, the NYTS office is currently closed. The staff is working remotely during this time and can still be reached via email. Click HERE for our faculty and staff directory.

Due to Covid-19,

all NYTS classes will be held online for the Fall semester of 2021

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