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All students are required to activate in their courses in Moodle to their Moodle account after registration. Upon registration, you should have received a handout that explains the basics on how to activate your courses and how to use Moodle (including your login settings). Read it carefully and follow the instructions in them. You can activate with the enrollment key, which is the lowercase letters and numbers of the course. For example, for the course ABC1234 the enrollment key is abc1234 (all lowercase letters).

After working through the steps in the Moodle Documentation (also found at the Moodle website:, if you have problems and/or are not able to login, have questions concerning the use of Moodle, send an email to our Help Desk at Describe the problem in detail and include your full name, your email address, student identification number and telephone number(s). Most teaching faculty and assistants can also aid you.

All important announcements and communication for this class will take place through Moodle and the NYTS email addresses of the students. Make sure that you periodically check the course and your NYTS email inbox to stay informed and communicate with your professor and classmates. Students should always include their first and last name at the end of all e-mail messages. This will enable the professor to quickly identify the student and course, facilitating a timely response. The teaching faculty and any assistants of this course are expected to respond to students’ emails within 2-3 business days.

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