Offered Exclusively at Sing Sing Corrections Facility

Master of Professional Studies

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Master of Professional Studies

Impact at Sing Sing

“Earning the MPS degree from New York Theological Seminary gave me the opportunity to rebuild my life, and to assist others seeking to rebuild theirs.

Today, I serve my community in the very same way I once served my incarcerated brothers—with compassion, a real sense of relatedness, patience, teamwork, and love.  I still acknowledge a truth I learned as a student at NYTS, that to whom much is given, much is required.  It is this truth that places me and other graduates on the front lines of community pro-active work.  This is our road to redemption.”

—Juan A. Roldan, MPS Class of 2005

Master of Professional Studies
Master of Professional Studies

Offered Only at Sing Sing

Since 1982 New York Theological Seminary has been one of the most unusual programs in theological education in the nation.  Each year up to fifteen students who are currently incarcerated in New York State enroll in the Seminary’s accredited Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree offered inside the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York.

Candidates for the program must apply to NYTS through a regular application process.  Those who are accepted are transferred to Sing Sing ( if they are not already housed there), where they enroll in a one-year, 36-credit graduate degree course of study.

Candidates must demonstrate promise for leadership and an active faith commitment, hold an accredited undergraduate degree, and meet all of the Seminary’s other standards for admission.  Many elect to move from medium- or even minimum-security prisons to the maximum-security environment of Sing Sing in order to attend the program.

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Master of Professional Studies

Program Requirements 

The MPS seeks to prepare candidates who are:

  • informed biblically and theologically, and in the historical development of Christian thought and tradition
  • skilled in the practice of ministry for personal, ecclesial and social transformation
  • committed to the call of the Gospel for reconciliation, justice, evangelism and transformation
  • centered in a spiritual tradition which is dynamic in its formation and open to God’s continuing revelation
  • skilled in the practice of ministry within their immediate contexts, committed to their own faith and tradition, and global and inclusive towards diverse religions and denominations
  • equipped to create organizations, ministries, and/or programs that lead to the betterment of their immediate communities inside the prison system and for life beyond bars
  • possess a BA or BS degree, or the equivalent (120 undergraduate credits) from an accredited four-year college
  • demonstrate evidence of an ability to do graduate level study
  • be able to articulate an understanding of their call to ministry in a manner that is appropriate to their own experience and faith tradition
  • meet institutional requirements set by New York State Department of Corrections
  • have two strong recommendations, including one from a prison chaplain

If you want to be a part of a diverse & inclusive community NYTS is the place for you.

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Reverend LaKeesha Walrond, Ph.D.