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“I Am NYTS” Student Stories” – Sharon Olatoyan, CP Alumna

Sharon Olatoyan, CP Graduate 2016

The study of God’s existence, who God really is and how God is manifested captivated me during my studies in the two-year Certificate Program in Christian Ministry at New York Theological Seminary (NYTS). I found myself moving from a life of deeply embedded theology to understanding deliberative theology. The faith that emerges from the process of carefully reflecting upon the two became rewarding rather than challenging. I’ve learned that Jesus is bigger than our creeds, confessions and reflections. This broader thinking has and will assist me in the leadership role I assume in Prison and Revival Ministry.

Learning about the Christian Spiritual Disciplines has enhanced my focus on the study and glorification of God. My studies have deepened my personal relationship with God, enabling me to become a sacrificing witness to the living God. I have a clearer vision of how I can be a benefit to others. I have learned that I must know God before I can truly love God, and I must love God before I can desire to obey. Then I can truly serve others in love.

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Last Updated: June 01, 2016