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Master of Arts in Religious Education

MARE Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Religious Education Degree

The Master of Arts in Religious Education, both in our fully online and hybrid flex format, is designed to prepare students to serve as dynamic, relevant, and adaptive educational faith and thought leaders in a wide range of Christian ministries. Students identify their preferred format at the time they apply.  Graduates of the MARE are equipped with the training and skills necessary to lead, develop, and design educational programs within churches, schools, and other institutional settings.

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M Religious Education
Program Requirements 

Master of Arts in Religious Education Program

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Religious Education degree program is open to women and men who:

  • possess a BA, BS, or equivalent undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year college (applicants holding degrees or diplomas from another country may be required to provide a translated copy and to provide further information to help the admissions committee determine equivalency).
  • demonstrate evidence of an ability to do graduate-level study, primarily assessed through the written answers to the application essay questions and through recommendations.
  • are able to articulate in a manner that is appropriate to their own experience and faith tradition an understanding of their call to serve in the specialized area of religious education.
  • currently belong to a community of faith that recognizes or expects the applicant to exercise his or her calling to religious education; or be willing to work within such a community of faith, exercising her or his calling to religious education.
The Master of Arts in Religious Education

Youth Ministry Concentration

The Youth Ministry concentration offers students in the MARE the option of focusing their studies on youth ministry. Participants complete a common core of religious education and youth ministry courses during the first and second year of study, participate in a monthly mentoring seminar, and undertake a culminating capstone project in a youth ministry-related area within religious education.

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