Master of Arts in Youth Ministry

The Master of Arts and Youth Ministry (MAYM) is a two-year degree designed for those who are called to serve young people. Our program specializes in the study and practice of youth ministry in urban contexts. Courses provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage traditional youth ministry roles or lead innovative youth programs outside of religious institutions..

The curriculum consists of a forty-eight-credit course of study designed to be completed in two years of full-time study. During this time, students complete a common core of courses in Bible, theology, and church history in addition to specialized courses in youth ministry. Students cover foundational competencies such as faith formation, adolescent development and sexuality, and pastoral care. They will also gain competencies in strategies addressing the most pressing cultural and systemic realities affecting urban youth. Our classes emphasize theological reflection on the urban realities of young people alongside practical application of learning in order to foster spiritual and social transformation in the lives of youth.

MAYM students are part of a vibrant community of teachers, mentors, and practitioners dedicated to support you as you discern and develop your vocational identity as a youth minister. Our dynamic and diverse faculty are experts in the field who serve as leading practitioners and researchers of  youth ministry. MAYM students also have the opportunity to participate in several other opportunities that support their ministerial and vocational development, including field placements, cohort mentorships, peer support groups, and designated spaces for theological reflection and formation with the seminary setting.



NYTS Master of Arts in Youth Ministry
Curriculum Design

All Year Fall Winterim Spring Summer

Year A ☆ Introduction to
Theological Education (2)
☆ First Testament (4) ☆ Exegesis Practicum (2) ☆ Second
Testament (4)
June (2/3)
July (3)
August (3)

☆ Foundations of
Youth Ministry (4)

Youth Ministry
Elective (4)

Year B ☆ Practicum& Capstone
Fall & Spring
(2 & 2)
☆ Introduction to
Theology (4)
☆ Modern Church
History (4)

Youth Ministry Elective (4)

Youth Ministry

indicates required course for M.A. degree for NYTS


Suggested schedule of classes for completing the MAYM degree in 2 years

48 credits needed to graduate:

20 Required Credits – General Theological Studies

Introduction to Theological Education (2 credits)
First Testament (4 credits)
Exegesis (2 credits)
Second Testament (4 credits)
Introduction to Theology (4 credits)
Modern Church History (4 credits)

8 Required Credits – Youth Ministry

Foundations of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (4 credits)
Practicum with Capstone (year-long) (4 credits)

12 additional elective credits in Youth Ministry)

(Must be approved by advisor) (12 credits)

8 free elective credits (8 credits
Total for MAYM degree 48 credits



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