Master of Arts in Pastoral Care & Counseling

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling (MAPCC) is a 48-credit graduate degree program designed to form reflective and compassionate pastoral caregivers. The curriculum seeks to integrate spirituality and psychology to offer a holistic approach to healing and restoration. Students learn to develop and sharpen their listening skills, to accurately assess needs, effectively intervene, and to assist in continuing spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth.

The MAPCC uniquely incorporates intercultural and interreligious approaches to pastoral care and counseling. All MAPCC classes provide a rich and diverse environment where students can learn multiple perspectives to serve a wide range of people from different cultures and religious traditions. An optimal balance between theory and practice is maintained throughout the program. MAPCC students are required to do 1 unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a practicum.

Graduates of the MAPCC go on to be therapists and counselors in hospitals, churches, and private practice.



Master Of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling (MAPCC) Curriculum Design
  All Year Fall Winterim Spring Summer

Year A ☆Introduction to Theological Education
☆First Testament

☆Introduction to Pastoral Care & Counseling

☆Second Testament(4)

Psychology and Religion


June (3)

July (3)

August (3)

Year B ☆Practicum with Capstone Fall & Spring (2 & 2) ☆Introduction to Theology

Pastoral Diagnosis


☆Modern Church History

Personality Theories

indicates required course for MA degree for NYTS


Suggested schedule of classes for MAPCC Degree for completing the degree in 2 years

48 credits needed to graduate


20 Required Credits – General Theological Studies

Introduction to Theological Education (2 Credits)
First Testament (4 Credits)
Exegesis (2 Credits)
Second Testament (4 Credits)
Introduction to Theology (4 Credits)
Modern Church History (4 Credits)

16 Required credits – Pastoral Care and Counseling

Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling (4 Credits)
Psychology and Religion (4 Credits)
Pastoral Diagnosis (4 Credits)
Personality Theories (4 Credits)
16 Credits

4 Practicum with Capstone (2 credits each semester)(4 Credits)

8 additional elective credits in Pastoral Care and Counseling
Must be approved by advisor (8 Credits)

Total credits for MAPCC degree: 48 credits



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