Vocational Discernment

New York Theological Seminary believes that everyone is called to some form of ministry or service.  The Office of Vocational Discernment at NYTS seeks to assist prospective students in understanding where their call is taking them, and how NYTS can assist them in reaching their goals.  Sometimes potential candidates for ministry have developed a limited sense of calling.  They ask things like “Would God call someone like me?”  Others may have come from places where they are considered unworthy of ministry and are told “God could not call someone like you.”   In spite of reasoning or badgering, however, the call keeps coming.  It is time to talk to someone who will listen.

For further information on vocational discernment and the various programs at NYTS, contact:

Dr. Adriane Hill
New York Theological Seminary
Phone: 212-870-1212
Email: ahill@nyts.edu


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