Tuition & Fees

2020-2021 Academic Year


Master of Divinity and Master of Arts Degree Programs
Tuition per credit$695.00
Audit fee per credit$600.00
Application fee$50.00
General fee (per semester)$250.00
Tech fee (per year)$300.00
Payment plan fee (per year)$75.00
Late registration fee$100.00
Returned check fee$40.00
Graduation fee$250.00
Diploma Fee$100.00

Doctor of Ministry (all program tracks)
Tuition: Year 1$7,350.00
Year 2$6,600.00
Year 3$5,000.00
Continuing fee (per year)$300.00
General fee (per year)$250.00
Tech fee (Per year)$300.00
Application fee$50.00
Payment Plan fee (Per year)$75.00
Late Registration fee$100.00
Returned check fee$40.00
Graduation fee$250.00
Diploma fee$100.00
Doctoral Regalia (subject to manufacturer)$950.00

Certificate Program
Tuition: per 12 session class$410.00
Returned check fee$40.00
Graduation fee$235.00

Other Fees

*Continuing Education (per class)$600.00
*Partner Church Members / Alumni (per class)$150.00
Transcript fee$10.00


Please note that tuition and fees are subject to increase annually, and that students will be charged in subsequent years at the rates that are in effect for those years. While the Seminary will make every effort to keep tuition and fees affordable, students should plan on a 5% annual increase in the cost of their education.

* These fees apply to select courses that are open each year for Continuing Education for alumni and others, and for members of Partner Churches.  Not all courses are open for this option.  See the Registrar for more information.

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