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NYTS Announces the formation of a New Charter Alumni Association: the North Campus Master of Professional Studies (MPS) Group

NYTS is pleased to announce the inauguration of the North Campus Master of Professional Studies (MPS) Charter Alumni Group located in Ossining, NY. Congratulations to the North Campus MPS Alumni Group. Welcome to the New York Theological Seminary Alumni Network! 

This new affinity group was launched November 16, 2020, and will partner with the Seminary to provide personal and professional networking opportunities for our MPS alumni, as well as engage alumni in outreach, fundraising, and promotion of the Seminary and its constituents. 

“I enthusiastically salute the alumni leaders of this consequential project. It marks an evolution in the scope and sustainability of the North Campus community. I deem it a singular honor that my tenure and the formalization of this group will emerge in tandem. The North Campus alumni represent the intellectually curious, theologically imaginative, and morally liberationist leadership needed for times like these.” says the Rev. Dr. Willie Francois, Director of the MPS Program. 

Led by President, John Ducksworth (MPS, Class of ‘83), and Vice President, William Eric Waters (MPS, Class of ‘94), the North Campus MPS Alumni Group will harness and leverage the power of its more than 500 graduates who are leaders in various industries.  The MPS Alumni Group “was a long time in the making,” says Mr. Waters, “and we hope to do some good in the world and in the various organizations and ministries dedicated to addressing systemic racism and injustice as well as enhancing higher education in prison.”

The North Campus MPS Alumni Group is the second recognized NYTS Charter Alumni Club in recent years.  It joins the ranks of Korean Alumni Club, in Flushing, NY, that was organized in 2014. 

“I am so excited to see this vision fulfilled,” says the Rev. Dr. LaKeesha Walrond, NYTS President. “The MPS program has enhanced the life of over 500 men and their families from the north campus for nearly four decades. I look forward to how this alumni group will bring new ideas and fresh vision as we continue the work of preparing faith and thought leaders to engage in relevant, restorative and revolutionary ministry and work beyond graduation.” 

Alumni are welcome to join and form new affinity groups and work independently to host local events and programming reflective of their specific interests. “We appreciate the ability to launch formal partnerships with Alumni Affinity Groups such as the MPS North Campus Alumni Group,” says Cynthia Gardner-Brim, the Director of the NYTS Office of Alumni Affairs.  “This opens an array of opportunities that may appeal to the interests, skillsets and networks of our Alumni across the globe,” she adds.  

To join or learn more about the MPS Alumni Group contact: and please stay tuned to for future announcements about Alumni Group events.

If you would like information on how to launch or join other NYTS Charter Alumni Clubs or Groups in your community, please contact the NYTS Alumni Office at or 212 870-1244.

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Last Updated: November 30, 2020