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Certificate in Bible & The Practice of Preaching

CBP Program Overview

Certificate In Bible & The Practice of Preaching Program

The Certificate in Bible and the Practice of Preaching (CBPP) introduces the beginning theological student to the basics of understanding the Christian Bible and how to preach it.  After courses overviewing both First (“Old”) and Second (“New”) Testaments – their history, culture, and interpretation – students will learn how to go from “text to sermon,” with study of sample texts from various genres in both Testaments.

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CBP Curriculum

Certificate In Bible & The Practice of Preaching Curriculum

  • Fall semester: Introduction to the 1st Testament ~ Biblical Exegesis: from Text to Sermon
  • Spring semester: Introduction to the 2nd Testament ~ Constructing and Delivering a Sermon



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Reverend LaKeesha Walrond, Ph.D.