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Preparing faith and thought leaders to engage relevant, restorative and revolutionary ministry.

Mission & Vision

New York Theological Seminary

We are a diverse and inclusive community of learners providing resources, tools, and strategies for effective leadership, preparing humans to engage in prophetic and transformative ministry and promoting love and respect for creator and creation.

Our Values

What We Do At NYTS



a relevant and rigorous theological education that is accessible, inclusive and transformative.



students to be creative, innovative and relevant in their ministry context.



deeper engagement and authentic relationship with the creator and all of the creation.

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NYTS is Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools

New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) was founded in 1900 by Wilbert Webster White as the Bible Teacher’s Training College in Montclair, NJ.  A gifted scholar and teacher, President White developed a curriculum that combined the study of the Bible in one’s own language with practical training for ministry.  After moving to New York City in 1902, the school was renamed as The Biblical Seminary in New York, and in 1966, it became New York Theological Seminary. The distinctive attributes that characterized the Seminary from its inception is its emphasis upon ministry and mission, its unique urban focus, its openness to all, and its diversity in denominational and cultural traditions.

An ordained minister and professor, White founded the Bible Teachers Training College in 1900 which later became the Winona Bible School and then the Biblical Seminary in New York. Today, the Biblical Seminary is known as New York Theological Seminary.

Located at 475 Riverside Drive, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYTS is nestled on the hallowed grounds of an area home to the rich history of academics in New York City.  For 121 years, and still going, the seminary calls Columbia University and Barnard College as neighbors, among the pantheon of a historic tradition of higher education available to generations of scholars.  Ushering into a new technological era, graduates of NYTS are scattered across the globe and we continue to expand globally and welcome students all over the planet with online courses and degree programs.

NYTS is helmed by the leadership of Rev. Dr. LaKeesha Walrond, the institution’s first woman president and first Black woman president.  With her leadership, the senior staff comprises of Dr. Tamara Henry, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Academics, Craig King, the CFO and Controller, and Lenier Thomas, the COO, and Director of Development.

New York Theological Seminary

The Board of Trustees

is a council of advisors lead by Board Chair, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Hammond, for the President and the senior administration of New York Theological Seminary to consult on matters of administration, strategy, and vision. The board also assists with recruiting, fundraising, and public relations within their communities.

2023 – 2024 Board of Trustees

Dr. Hammond

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Hammond
Board Chair